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2 Name stories: Austin and Lauren

I found two interesting name stories in a Toronto Star article this morning. The article was about a couple from Ajax, Ontario with two children, Lauren and Austin.

Austin’s name was inspired by a commercial for Austin Powers. Here’s how his mom tells the story:

“We were out for dinner at Boston Pizza and up on the TV some commercials were running,” says Elaine. “We had actually said `let’s stop arguing over names we like, and let’s make a list of the most ridiculous names possible’ … then this commercial came on for Austin Powers, and we were joking about a shagadelic baby, then we looked at each other and said ‘Austin.’ It actually works.”

Lauren’s name was undecided until a family ski vacation. Her father “got off the chairlift and noticed that the badge belonging to his son’s ski instructor, Lauren, had fallen off and somehow ended up on the front of his snowboard.” Lauren happened to be one of the names on the short list, so the family took that as a sign and chose Lauren as the baby’s name.

Which name story do you prefer? Why?

Source: Baby name: A born snowboarder