How popular is the baby name Tribecca in the United States right now? How popular was it historically? Use the popularity graph and data table below to find out! Plus, see all the blog posts that mention the name Tribecca.

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Popularity of the baby name Tribecca

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What turned Tribeca into a baby name in 1993?

Title of the TV series "Tribeca" (1993)

If you’re familiar with NYC, you know that TriBeCa (short for “triangle below Canal”) refers to a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. But did you know that, in 1993, Tribeca surfaced in the U.S. baby name data?

  • 1995: unlisted
  • 1994: unlisted
  • 1993: 6 baby girls named Tribeca [debut]
  • 1992: unlisted
  • 1991: unlisted

It was the name’s single appearance in the data.

What put it there?

A short-lived TV series called TriBeCa (1993), which was produced in part by native New Yorker Robert De Niro. Each episode was an hour-long drama with a new set of characters; the one thing that connected all the stories was that they were set in TriBeCa.

Despite critical acclaim — and the fact that Laurence Fishburne’s performance as a police officer in the first episode earned him an Emmy Award — the show was cancelled after just seven episodes.

What are your thoughts on “Tribeca” as a personal name?

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P.S. The spelling variant Tribecca — probably influenced by the name Rebecca — was a one-hit wonder in 1993 as well.