Baby Named Friday February Eleven

Mike and Georgina Biddle of Surrey, England, were having trouble thinking of a name for their daughter, born on Friday, Feb. 11, 1977. So they named her Friday February Eleven.

Reactions to the name were mixed, according to Mike:

Some of my friends think it’s a brilliant idea. Others think I’m mad.

And the name caused confusion, Georgina admitted:

When I fill in a form with Friday’s name, I get it back with comments like, ‘You seem to have filled in the date of birth twice.’

But it looks as though Friday is now a lawyer in London, so her odd name certainly didn’t stand in the way of her success.

Source: “A date they won’t forget.” Modesto Bee 24 Mar. 1977: C-2.

5 thoughts on “Baby Named Friday February Eleven

  1. The article didn’t mention any siblings, so I’m not sure. But I’d be interested to know as well. A name like Friday would be a tricky one to “match” in terms of sibling names, I think.

  2. @ Nancy Depending on the day the siblings arrived it might not be too hard to come up with the first part. Thanks to Hollywood there’s been a Tuesday Weld, Wednesday Addams and Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban.

    Of course I don’t think there are many ways you could make some of the month/date combinations work for the rest of the name.

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