Baby born on Friday, Feb. 11, named Friday February Eleven

month of February

Mike and Georgina Biddle of Surrey, England, were having trouble thinking of a name for their daughter, born on Friday, Feb. 11, 1977. So they named her Friday February Eleven.

Reactions to the name were mixed, according to Mike:

Some of my friends think it’s a brilliant idea. Others think I’m mad.

And the name caused confusion, Georgina admitted:

When I fill in a form with Friday’s name, I get it back with comments like, ‘You seem to have filled in the date of birth twice.’

But it looks as though Friday is now a lawyer in London, so her odd name certainly didn’t stand in the way of her success.

Source: “A date they won’t forget.” Modesto Bee 24 Mar. 1977: C-2.

Image: Adapted from The Antikamnia Calendar (1898)

5 thoughts on “Baby born on Friday, Feb. 11, named Friday February Eleven

  1. Do you know if Friday has any siblings? It would be very interesting to know their names.

  2. The article didn’t mention any siblings, so I’m not sure. But I’d be interested to know as well. A name like Friday would be a tricky one to “match” in terms of sibling names, I think.

  3. @ Nancy Depending on the day the siblings arrived it might not be too hard to come up with the first part. Thanks to Hollywood there’s been a Tuesday Weld, Wednesday Addams and Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban.

    Of course I don’t think there are many ways you could make some of the month/date combinations work for the rest of the name.

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