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Baby Named Jovi After Musician Jon Bon Jovi

Blaine and Chera Miller of Regina, Saskatchewan, have been huge Bon Jovi fans since they began dating as teenagers. At their wedding, their first dance was to Bon Jovi’s “Thank You For Loving Me” from the album Crush (2000). And when they had their second child in 2009, they named him Jovi after lead singer Jon Bon Jovi.

What did Jon have to say about it?

It’s humbling. It’s very humbling to think that you’ve touched somebody’s life for them to make such a kind of an important decision in their lives.

Bon Jovi was in Regina on tour this week, so Blaine, Chera and 15-month-old Jovi got a chance to meet the singer (and also the lead guitarist, Richie Sambora). Jon gave the parents a copy of the night’s set list and gave baby Jovi a guitar pick. Photos of Jon meeting Jovi have been posted to Bon Jovi’s Facebook page.

Wondering where Jon Bon Jovi’s stage name came from? It’s a respelling of his birth name, John Bongiovi. The Italian surname Bongiovi is a contraction of Bongiovanni, which is comprised of the elements bon, “good,” and giovanni, “John.” So you could say that baby Jovi’s name is basically a contracted, Anglicized version of the Italian form of John.

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