Baby name story: Macy

Back in 2003, Bev and Chris Jordan of Coventry, England, named their daughter Macy. Here’s why:

Her name was inspired by the singer Macy Gray whose song was chosen by Bev and Chris on the day of their wedding.

For those who are married: Who sang your wedding song? Would you consider using that person’s name as a baby name?

Source: “Celebrations…bringing you the happiest pictures every day.” Coventry Evening Telegraph 4 Nov. 2003.

7 thoughts on “Baby name story: Macy

  1. Ella Fitzgerald (singing Our Love is Here to Stay).

    I love the name, but it feels short to me. I’d prefer it as a nickname. Also I fear she’d get lost in the sea of Bellas. I might use it on a cat… :)

  2. Our song was Sarah McLachlan’s “Ice Cream.”

    I do like the name Sarah, but there are other names I like more (and have a stronger personal connection to) so I don’t think I’d use it.

  3. Our first dance song was “Buddy Holly” by Weezer; it was short and fun and we are both terrible dancers. :)

    Ironically, we love the name River for a boy, which is only one letter away from Weezer’s lead singer, Rivers Cuomo.

  4. Our song was (still is!) Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.” I love the song so much and it has been infinitely special to Constantine and I, even before we got married, but I’m not sure how to get a name out of it! Sure would love to, though.

  5. It is a good “meaning” method of naming but wouldn’t work for us. Our first dance was L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole but none of those names do anything for me or work with our last name. Our processional was from the Piano by Michael Nyman. If I used Michael, it wouldn’t be for him. Nyman would be a cool name – for someone else’s kid. Our tastes are much more traditional. Our recessional was a Winton Marsallis recording but those don’t work with our last name either.

  6. George Strait for one and Frank Sinatra for another. I wouldn’t use George if you paid me, but I like Georgina, so maybe. We have a lot of other significant Franks in our life, so this is also a maybe.

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