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Teetotaler Baby Names – Prohibition, Carrie Nation

Prohibition - Dumping Illegal LiquorSpeaking of Temperance

I’ve discovered three people named Prohibition.

None of them were actually born during the Prohibition, though. They were all born in the 1880s, while the temperance movement was still on the rise.

  • Prohibition Campbell (female) born on June 27, 1882, in Iowa.
  • Ernest Prohibition Manhart (male) born on November 22, 1886, in North Dakota.
  • Albert Prohibition Sparkman (male) born on April 28, 1887, in Tennessee.

I’ve also found nearly two dozen baby girls named Carrie Nation, presumably after radical temperance advocate Carrie A. Nation (1846-1911). They were born around the turn of the century or a little later, and most came from in Texas. Three examples:

  • Carrie Nation Palmer, born on August 8, 1906, in Texas.
  • Carrie Nation Hartzell, born on July 7, 1909, in Indiana.
  • Carrie Nation Brooks, born on December 4, 1901, in Oklahoma.