Celebrity baby name (from a dream): Easton August

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Actress Elisabeth Rohm and her fiancé, entrepreneur Ron Wooster, welcomed their first child — a baby girl — on April 10th. They named their daughter Easton August.

Where did Rohm find the name Easton? In a dream:

“In the dream I was picking her up from a friend’s house, and she wouldn’t respond to her name, Grace,” said the 34-year-old actress, who is engaged to entrepreneur Ron Wooster, 40.

“Finally I said, ‘Easton?’ and she turned around and said, ‘Yes Mommy?’ We were leaning towards [naming the baby] Grace but in the end decided to give her the name she asked for,” says Rohm.

Interestingly, both names go against the grain in terms of gender — Easton and August are more popular for baby boys than for baby girls nowadays.

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Image by Kym MacKinnon from Unsplash

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