Baby name needed: Middle name for Miley

A reader named Heather wrote to me several days ago with a simple question:

Can you help me with a middle name for Miley?

It’s hard to list specific suggestions without more information, but here are two pieces of advice:

  • Anything reminiscent of “Cyrus” could easily turn the name into a joke. For this reason, I would avoid 2-syllable names containing similar consonant sounds (Iris, Skylar, Paris).
  • I would also steer clear of names starting or ending with a long “e” sound (Eve; Emily). The former would sound “fused” to Miley, while the latter would produce a strange echo-effect.

Beyond that, it’s largely a matter of personal taste. What works best with your surname? Do you want a middle name that “matches” Miley somehow, or one that contrasts with Miley? (Could you write back with a few more details, Heather?)

6 thoughts on “Baby name needed: Middle name for Miley

  1. Miley Rose, Miley Josephine, Miley Lucille, Miley Nichole. Miley Beatrix, Miley June, Miley Mae, Miley Clare, Miley Suzette, Miley Anne, Miley Kallisto, Miley Roxanne. Just off the top of my head.

  2. Great suggestions! Thanks Bridgett.

    I really like Miley June, Miley Clare, and Miley Nichole.

    For me, Miley Lucille is a bit of a tongue-twister, so I might stay away from that one.

  3. I’d add: Miley Ray, Miley Kaitlyn, Miley Jennifer, Miley Jo/Joan/Joanne/Joanna, Miley Camille, and Miley Heather.

  4. I think the name Rhys(Reese) sounds adorable with Miley. Try it out Miley Rhys.

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