What gave the baby name Garner a boost in 1932?

Politician John Nance Garner (1868-1967)
John Nance Garner

According to the U.S. baby name data, the usage of Garner more than quadrupled in 1932:

  • 1934: 24 baby boys named Garner
  • 1933: 63 baby boys named Garner [rank: 772nd]
  • 1932: 82 baby boys named Garner [rank: 675th]
  • 1931: 19 baby boys named Garner
  • 1930: 16 baby boys named Garner


Because of the new vice president.

Franklin D. Roosevelt and running mate John Nance Garner III defeated Herbert Hoover (and Charles Curtis) in the 1932 presidential election, held amid the Great Depression.

Garner, popularly known as “Cactus Jack,” was a conservative Democrat from Texas.

The surname Garner has several possible origins, including simply being a shortened form of Gardner.

What are your thoughts on Garner as a first name?

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