French parents angered by new Renault car named Zoé

Renault Zoe

The Zoé is a new electric car from Renault. According to a company spokesperson, its name “evokes values of femininity, of youth, a playful spirit and vivacity” and is a reference to the word zero, as in zero emissions.

But French parents with daughters named Zoé aren’t too pleased with the name. “It is a scandal that they are able to use common first names for products,” says one. “It is completely wrong that Renault should take the name of a woman — of my daughter — for a car, a marketing product,” says another. Some have started online petitions, demanding a name-change for the vehicle. Others have sent complaints directly to Renault.

Do you think the parents are overreacting, or do you think their complaints are justified?

Source: French parents unite against Renault as it christens new car Zoé, Renault angers young French couples by naming its new car Zoé

3 thoughts on “French parents angered by new Renault car named Zoé

  1. They have every right to be annoyed by it, but not to demand a change. The car company, being privately owned, can choose whatever name it wants. If it stays I do predict a decline in the name Zoe. I’d be just fine with that as it’s one of my least favorite names.

  2. Yes, it’s awful! I have a younger cousin called Allegra. She was five when the allergy medicine came out. The name no longer conjured images of Italy and joy, only antihistamine and pollen. Shame, as Allegra is beautiful.

    This, however, is worse. Allegra wasn’t a common name at the time of the allergy medicine. Zoe is.

  3. The parents of two girls named Zoe ended up taking Renault to court (in France) over the car name in 2010. The judge ruled in favor of the company. One source also mentioned that “Renault has already given several models women’s names – including Clio and Megane – without facing any campaign of public opposition.”

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