Zoe Renault threatens lawsuit over Renault Zoe

Remember all that Renault Zoe drama?

Well, a 23-year-old Parisian woman named Zoe Renault is now threatening to sue over the name of the car.

Her lawyer, who also represents other Zoes, says his clients see the car name “as a violation of their personalities.” He plans to take the case to court if Renault doesn’t change the name.

Update, Nov. 2010: “Renault can name a new car model Zoe, a French judge has ruled – throwing out a case brought by the parents of two girls called Zoe Renault.” (BBC)

Sources: Renault urged to scrap car name Zoe, Renault in row with student over name

4 thoughts on “Zoe Renault threatens lawsuit over Renault Zoe

  1. That’s amazing that her last name is Renault and now a car is being named Zoe–I mean, she will spend several years explaining that she is not the car, not named for the car, and so forth.

    BUT COME ON!! How popular can Renaults be anyway? I just have no sympathy. A lawsuit?

  2. Completely frivolous, in my opinion. A car is certainly not the worst association you can have (heck, my husband would love that honor!) and since she’s already 23 years old, I doubt anyone is going to think she was named after a brand new electric car.

  3. It’s unfortunate that her surname is Renault, but it sounds pretty over the top, the amount of times I’ve been asked if I was named after the Renault Clio, despite different spellings! I wasn’t aware I could try and sue them haha!

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