16 thoughts on “Baby name battle: Jennifer vs. Jessica

  1. Having a daughter named Jennifer, I voted for that name, but I thought Jessica would ‘win’ because it’s currently more popular than Jennifer. As Dearest said, Jenny is a sweet nickname, and our daughter goes by that form of her name. In fact it was a fondness for the name Jenny that led us to choose Jennifer.

    Our third daughter was named Jennifer Elizabeth in 1976
    My sister’s only daughter was named Jennifer Rebecca in 1984. (No problem with 2 Jennifers in the family because ours is “Jenny”.)
    My nephew’s daughter was named Jenna Catherine in 2005.

    If I were to choose between Jennifer, Jessica AND Jenna today, I would most likely choose Jenna.

  2. I have a gg-grandmother named Jennie (not Jennifer, just Jennie) and she was a powerhouse, considering that we are still talking about her and she died in 1919.

  3. I could go either way. Jessica sounds better with our last name, so I’d probably pick that, but I have a 2nd cousin who’s Jessica, and a ggmother who was Jennie, and 2 great friends named Jennifer. Plus our last name is Anglo-Welsh, so the Jennifer/Guinivere connection might win.

  4. I know a set of twins named Jennifer and Jessica who were born in 1985.

    I would go with Jessica. I’ve never much cared for the “-fer” ending of Jennifer. Don’t know why.

    As a side note, I know a Jennifer who goes by the nickname “Niffer” (I think she spells the nickname with two “f”s but her full name with one). Points for creativity, parents. (I also know a Christopher who goes by “Stoph”, like the first syllable of “Stouffer’s frozen dinners”)

  5. Of course I always disliked being one of many Jennifers (I was born in 1974), but I actually really like my name. I go by Jennifer or Jenny and would not choose a different name.

  6. Well I am Jennifer and my sister is Jessica. I voted for Jessica because I would name a daughter after her. But I would also give a daughter Jennifer as a middle name, to avoid confusion in the family. It’s a toss up for me. They’re both great names, and I love Jenny and Jessie, in fact that’s what my sister and I are called.

  7. Well I would hands down choose Jennifer. 1 it’s my name, 2 I can’t stand most Jessica’s and 3 it’s just prettier and according to history, Jennifer holds a lot more weight than Jessica.

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