Baby name story: Australia II John Bertrand Ben Lexcen

Winged keel of the Australia II racing yacht, winner of the 1983 America's Cup
Keel of the Australia II

On September 26, 1983, the longest winning streak in sports history — 132 years (!) — came to an end when the Royal Perth Yacht Club’s boat, the Australia II, defeated the New York Yacht Club’s boat, the Liberty, in the seventh and final race of the America’s Cup.

Right around the same time, Dianne and Jim Forbes of Melbourne, Australia, welcomed a baby boy. They named their son Charles Australia II John Bertrand Ben Lexcen Forbes — Australia II for the yacht, John Bertrand for its skipper, and Ben Lexcen for its designer.


Image: Adapted from Winged Keel of Americas Cup Yacht Australia II by Ken Hodge under CC BY 2.0.

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