Acronym baby names: Ily, Ilys, Ktyal

I’ve seen acronym baby names like Ily (I love you) and Ilys (I love you so) before.

And I’m familiar with all those crazy Soviet-era acronym names like Lunio (Lenin is dead, but his ideas remain) and Vilorik (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, liberator of workers and peasants).

But this is the first Ktyal I’ve ever seen:

When Verna Cornelia Price gave birth to a daughter four years ago, she and her husband named the baby Ktyal, an acronym for “Know That You Are Loved.”

How do you think they pronounce Ktyal?

Have you spotted any other acronym baby names lately?

Source: Pfitzinger, Julie. “Ann Bancroft Awards.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune 25 Sept. 2006.

15 thoughts on “Acronym baby names: Ily, Ilys, Ktyal

  1. Well, I’m sure there are kids out there named Lexus, which is “luxury export for the US”…

    And when my mother had the audacity to name my brother Ian (a scottish name; we are Irish-German), my grandmother told her: “Ian is what you have left when you take CHRIST out of CHRISTian: I Am Nothing.” I know, it’s assigned after the fact but this reminded me of that….

  2. I’ve heard Lexus, too… But I’ve been waiting for the day that I see a “Lylas”- love you like a sister.

    @Bridgett- Ouch! Your nan sounds tough!

  3. I really like Lyly pronounced just like the name Lilly but tith two Y’s. The name stands for Live Your Life Young people also say it can stand for others but i can’t work out what… i think it would be a female name but i supose it could be unisex. I like it because its basically saying be immature in your life have fun lighten up a little they also say YOLO can be a boys name You Only Live Once. I thought it was more of something you put all over facebook not a name

  4. Thanks for the comment, Stasha!

    Lyly and Yolo are two I’ve never heard/seen before. (I’m not on FB anymore, so maybe that’s why they’re new to me…?)

    I’ve definitely seen the name Lyly a few times, but I think all of those Lylys were named with the name Lily in mind.

    Yolo is really interesting. Can’t find any babies with the name, but I’ve found a handful of people online who say they’re considering using it. (If anyone spots a baby named Yolo, let me know!)

  5. More on YOLO, from Wikipedia:

    The acronym was introduced to popular culture via Drake’s song The Motto, which was released in February of 2012.

    The Washington Post describes YOLO as “the newest acronym you’ll love to hate.”

    Since then, it’s been popping up in graffiti, on Twitter (where it’s a popular hashtag), even on skin (e.g., actor Zac Efron has a YOLO tattoo).

    Very curious to see if any babies have gotten the name. No confirmed cases yet…

  6. During pregnancy a friend of mine swore she was going to call her baby “DANYDIS”. But finally relented and decided on “Danny” after the birth.

    DANYDIS = Drunk At New Year’s, Due In September.

  7. Im pregnant with 4th my last 2 names have meaning “Chance” I was pregnant in a bad car accident, fractured pelvis @10wks so Ther was a “CHANCE” he even made it ! Then MY daughter we saw “NEVAEH” Heaven backwards on tv but once she came @ 29weeks We Came up with “NEVAEH RILYA Heaven backwards & God forbid anything happend “RILYA” Remeber I Love You Always! (we did almost lose her twice but “Nevaeh” was not meant for Heaven, Thankgod)
    that i believe is an Acronym, Now looking for similar baby boy soon any suggestions??

  8. The baby on Mad About You was named Mabel which was an acronym of ‘Mothers Always Bring Extra Love’. I’ve always wondered how many real-life Mabels got that name because of the acronym behind the name choice on that show.

  9. I wonder that as well. It looks like the show could have caused a slight boost in the number of Mabels in 1998/1999. If so, though, it’s a bit of a delayed boost, as the episode in which Mabel was born first aired in mid-1997.

    • 2000: 75 baby girls named Mabel
    • 1999: 90 baby girls named Mabel
    • 1998: 77 baby girls named Mabel
    • 1997: 42 baby girls named Mabel
    • 1996: 58 baby girls named Mabel
  10. I named my son Rialy
    It was originally a name of I ever had a girl.
    It’s stands for
    Remember I’ll Always Love You

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