Baby girl’s middle name being chosen via raffle

Drew and Tanya Myers of Fort Worth, Texas, want you to choose a middle name for their baby girl, due in August.

Her first name will be Ily, pronounced eye-lee, an acronym name that stands for “I love you.”

To be the one to choose Ily’s middle name, you’ve got to (1) pay $25 to enter a raffle and (2) be the randomly chosen winner on July 1.

Drew and Tanya aren’t keeping the money. All proceeds will be donated to the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center, “a Christian-based organization that puts an emphasis on a child’s life” (i.e., that is pro-life).

Here are some of the rules they’ve set regarding Ily’s middle name:

  • “[We] have first right of refusal on any name — this is simply to ensure that no one names our daughter Ily Hotdog Myers. If we use our right of refusal, the raffle winner will get the opportunity to submit another name.”
  • “The middle name cannot start with the letter “B” — we’re trying to avoid ridicule with the initials “IBM.””
  • “We want there to be a story behind the name — it doesn’t have to be an elaborate yarn, but we’d love the name to have meaning behind it.”

So far, a couple dozen raffle entries have already been purchased.

While I’m not a fan of for-profit baby naming schemes, I do appreciate that they’re doing this to raise money for charity (even if it’s the sort of charity that many people will not want to support). I also really like that they’re putting an emphasis on story.

UPDATE: According to this post about the delivery, they baby was named Ily Anabelle.

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