Popular baby names in Western Australia, 2012

The most popular baby names in Western Australia were announced a few days ago.

According to the WA Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, the winners were Noah for boys and Charlotte for girls.

Here are Western Australia’s top 20 girl names and top 20 boy names of 2012:

Baby Girl NamesBaby Boy Names
1. Charlotte
2. Olivia
3. Ruby
4. Emily
5. Sophie
6. Chloe
7. Ella
8. Amelia
9. Ava
10. Mia
11. Grace
12. Isabella
13. Lily
14. Isla
15. Sienna
16. Zoe
17. Sophia
18. Matilda
19. Hannah
20. Emma
1. Noah
2. Jack
3. William
4. Ethan
5. James
6. Lucas
7. Jacob
8. Liam
9. Oliver
10. Thomas
11. Joshua [2-way tie]
11. Cooper [2-way tie]
13. Mason [2-way tie]
13. Samuel [2-way tie]
15. Lachlan
16. Riley
17. Max
18. Benjamin
19. Daniel [2-way tie]
19. Jaxon [2-way tie]

The girl names Imogen, Zara and Indiana and the boy names Hudson, Kai and Declan were among the top 50.

And do you want to see WA’s top ten lists going all the way back to 1930? Just click the “search past years” link.

Source: Noah and Charlotte are WA’s most popular baby names for 2012

2 thoughts on “Popular baby names in Western Australia, 2012

  1. Although i am on the east coast, (arguably more cosmopolitan than the west coast, which at very least is 4 hours behind Victoria) the WA list sounds very much like the class roll for my daughter’s (current) grade 1, as well as the kindergarten and preparatory classes at our local schools this year.
    The trend for “old fashioned” names continues, but with less emphasis on botanical and geological names (flora, olive, fern, rose, pearl, crystal) for girls, and an increase in diminutives and compressed spellings (jack, Jaxon) for boys. And overall a huge reduction in environmental nouns as given names, while family names are still trending.

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