Two babies born in Fords, named Ford

Ford Model T

I’ve posted about several babies (like Kia and Mondeo) who were named after the cars in which they were born. Most of these babies were born within the last few years, but the two below weren’t even born within the last few decades. They were born before WWII and both were named Ford.

The first baby Ford was born on December 15, 1929. His arrived while his mother, Ethel Hubbard, was being driven to Holdrege hospital in Nebraska.

The second baby Ford was born in August of 1938. His mother, Mrs. Robert Lignon of St. Louis, Missouri, had gone into labor and asked neighbors to drive her to the hospital.

Through stop lights, ignoring a motorcycle cop who ordered them to halt, the neighbors sped to Firmin Desloge Hospital. But their efforts were in vain, for Mrs. Lignon gave birth to an eight pound boy en route.

Many other babies were born in cars during the first half of the 20th century, but these are the only two I know of to be named after those cars.


Image: Adapted from 1925 Ford Model T touring by ModelTMitch under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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