Baby born to trapped Chilean miner, named Esperanza (“hope”)

Earlier today, the wife of one of Chile’s trapped miners gave birth to a baby girl. The baby was named Esperanza, Spanish for “hope.”

The father, Ariel Ticona, has been trapped 2,300 feet underground in a collapsed Chilean mine with 32 other miners since the August 5 cave-in. Ariel and his wife Elizabeth had already chosen the name Carolina, but he requested (either via video or handwritten letter, sources disagree) that the baby be named Esperanza instead.

Elizabeth said that the same thought had also occurred to her.

He thought of it there and I thought of it here in the house: She was going to be named Carolina Elizabeth, but now her name will be Esperanza Elizabeth.

Esperanza is also the name of the camp where many of the miners’ families have been living since the collapse.

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2 thoughts on “Baby born to trapped Chilean miner, named Esperanza (“hope”)

  1. When I was younger I read a book whose main character was Esperanza and it was based a true story of a young girl growing up on a farm in isolation with no educational, the name now seems depressing despite it’s meaning because if the book

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