Girl names that can be shortened to Izzy?

A friend of mine announced her pregnancy a few weeks ago (congrats, E!). She doesn’t know the gender of the baby yet, but if it’s a girl, she thinks she’d like to use the name Isabella.

The problem? Isabella has been one of the most popular baby names in the nation for almost a decade now. My friend is still prepared to use it, but she’s also wondering what else is out there.

What she likes most about Isabella is the nickname Izzy, so I thought I’d help her out by coming up other girl names that can be shortened to Izzy. Some of these may be a stretch, but this is a brainstorm so anything goes. :)

Part of the same name-family, but not as popular as Isabella.

Isabella and Isidora aren’t related (the former is based on Elizabeth, the latter on Isis) but they sound like they could be.

Elizabeth or Lizette
Why not lop the L off Lizzy and make it Izzy?

French name that can be traced back to a Germanic word meaning “pledge.” Popularized recently by model Gisele, but still outside the top 100.

Desiree (Désirée)
French name meaning “desired.”

Zipporah (Tzipora, Tzipporah, etc.)
Hebrew name meaning “bird.”

Italian name derived from the ancient Greek word for “order.”

Louisa or Louise
Derived from Ludwig, made up of elements meaning “fame” and “war.”

Eloise (Éloïse) or Heloise (Héloïse)
Might come from the Germanic name Helewidis, comprised of elements meaning “hale” and either “wide” or “wood.”

Therese (Thérèse)
Unknown etymology, though perhaps based on the name of a Greek island.

Arabic name meaning “powerful.”

Hebrew name meaning “joyful.”

Can you think of any other girl names that can be shortened to Izzy?

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  1. I made a list like this years ago, but I can’t find it. Here’s a smaller version…

    Alize, Alizea, Alizée, Alyzée, Aniz, Aziliz, Azizée, Beatriz, Beyza, Bleizenn, Boldizsara, Charlize, Chizoba, Chizqiyahua, Deniz, Deniza, Diniza, Eliza, Elizabet, Elizabeta, Elizavet, Elizaveta, Emperatriz, Fabrizia, Faiza, Faizala, Faizela, Fayiza, Fayza, Felizitas, Filiz, Fizza, Gaizka, Ghizlane, Gizel, Gizela, Gizella, Gizelle, Gizem, Gizi, Goizane, Goizargi, Goizeder, Grizel, Grizelda, Hafiza, Haiza, Haizea, Izabel, Izabela, Izabella, Izabelle, Izadora, Izanami, Izar, Izaro, Izdihar, Izia, Izidora, Izold, Izolda, Izumi, Izydora, Lawahiz, Letizia, Liz, Liza, Lizaig, Lizabet, Lizabeta, Lizabeth, Lizavet, Lizaveta, Lizbeth, Lizig, Loeiza, Loiza, Louiza, Luiza, Lyza, Maneiza, Maurizia, Mizuki, Nizam, Nizara, Nizhoni, Nosizwe, Paniz, Patrizia, Rizwana, Shahrizad, Shizuka, Tiziana, Yeliza, Yelizabet, Yelizabeta, Yelizabeth, Yelizavet, Yelizaveta, Yildiz

  2. Well there’s the Scottish Isabel variants, Isobel and Iseabail, as well as the medieval French form Isabeau.

    For unrelated name how about:
    Anisa, Arabic name meaning “friendly”.
    Annelise, a combination of Anne and Elisabeth.
    Isannah, a combination of Isabel and Susannah.
    Isolde, from the Arthurian legend Tristan and Isolde.
    Iseult, medieval variant of Isolde.
    Priscilla, Biblical name meaning “ancient”.
    Iscah, Biblical name meaning “to behold”.

  3. I have a friend who’s name is Isabel but she HATES being called Isabel so she goes by Izzy but she spells Izzy different most people spell it Izzy she spell’s it Izziee I dunno if Izziee is even a way to Izzy but thats how my friend spells Izzy her own way Izziee all I know is she HATES being caled Isabel.

  4. My daughter’s name is Isabelle but does not like to be called “Izzy”. She has people call her that on a daily basis and is frustrated that so many people seem to want to shorten her name! She’s 14 so was named before the bit Isabel trend hit. And to think everyone thought I was crazy to pick such an old fashioned name for her. They were sure she would be the only Isabelle she would know. Funny how these trends hit.

  5. An ancestor of mine was named Izanna, and I’ve been looking for more info on it (that’s how I found this page). I love the name, and especially that it can be shortened to Izzy. The name can be spelled Izanna, Izana, or Izannah. Of course, by now your friend has had her baby, but maybe others will find this helpful. :)

  6. A very dear friend of mine is named Iznaya, a really beautiful name from her mother’s South American Spanish heritage. She is usually called Izzy.

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