Baby name battle: Jacob vs. Caleb

If you were having a son, and you had to name him either Jacob or Caleb, which would it be? Why?

P.S. Both names have Hebrew roots. Caleb means “dog,” while Jacob means “heel (holder/grabber)” or “supplanter.”

10 thoughts on “Baby name battle: Jacob vs. Caleb

  1. I prefer Jacob, but I’d have to use Caleb to avoid the Twilight association. Plus, I highly dislike Jake [if I did have a Jacob, I’d call him something like Coby or Akiva or Jamie].

  2. Jacob is a family name so I’ll pick it, although my friends have a Jake and my nephew is named Jackson. I really dislike the nickname Cale, so Caleb is out.

  3. Caleb, Jacob can easily be shortened to Jake which is WAAAYYY too common. Whenever I see a character named Jake I sigh on the inside. It’s one of those names that sounds like you didn’t put any effort into.

  4. The Jacob that I always think of whenever I hear the name was the most obnoxious child you could imagine. I’ve disliked the name ever since.

    The only Caleb I’ve met was a rather pleasant dog. Caleb wins.

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