Baby names needed: Boy and girl names for triplets

A reader named Skylar is expecting triplets in June. She writes:

I do not know the gender of the babies yet as my husband and I have decided to keep it a surprise. The triplets will be joining and older brother Beckett Wade (Wade after my brother) and Britton Pearl (Pearl after my great grandmother, also my middle name). I am looking for boys and girls names to name the triplets. I do not like common names, I would prefer something trendy to pair with family middle names.

I rarely get requests for trendy names, so this e-mail really stood out.

One great place to look for trendy (or soon-to-be trendy) names is the SSA’s Change in Popularity page, which lists names that increased in popularity from 2008 to 2009. Here are some of the names on that list:


The SSA’s list doesn’t include names that didn’t make the top 500, though, so here are a few more names (from a bit lower down in the rankings) that also increased in popularity from 2008 to 2009:


Do you like any of the above with Beckett and Britton? What other names would you suggest? How about name combinations?

103 thoughts on “Baby names needed: Boy and girl names for triplets

  1. Would you want to continue the B theme or go with different initials? I think Beckett and Britton are both surnamey/place namey type of names, so I’d look for names that “match” that. I think Ryker, Daxton and Archer go well with the names as do Willow, Milan, and Harlow.

    Some ideas:

    B names: Brody, Bennett, Bailey, Barrett, Benson, Blake, Bryce, Byron (I like Bailey and Bryce for girls, the rest are ”boys” names to me)




    I like the sound of Beckett, Britton, Crosby, Auden and Delaney/Fraser.

  2. I think Austin would be a good name for these. I don’t know why but I just see it with Beckett and Britton. I am partial to Auden, Maria’s suggestion, because it’s my daughter’s but now I’m afraid the name will start becoming popular…
    I also think Lincoln and even Lyla/Lila would work well. Though maybe because Britton isn’t as feminine as Lyla/Lila it wouldn’t.
    Good luck! I always feel a special connection to parents of multiples because I have 2 sets. :)

  3. ok i absolutly LOVE the names lyla,austin,and crosby. My friend has a daughter named auden so im not sure i would do that although it is pretty,a nd my other friends sister’s name is delaney so although i like those names im not sure i would do them. My husband and I have definitely decided on lyla and austin for 2 of the triplets names however i need at elast 2 more boys and girls names for the triplets. thanks for your suggestions!!

    [Note from Nancy: This comment and the next two are from Skylar.]

  4. we have also agreed on crosby for a boy because we both played college hockey and both really love sidney crosby(plays for the pittsburgh penguins, best hockey player in the NHL right now). it definitely goes with our hockey family thank you Maria for that suggestion I would have never thought of that and i love it!!!

  5. Just had a thought! I think Ruby might work well, also maybe Christian and Benjamin which were on my list.

  6. thanks for your suggestions allie! however im not sure i like ruby at all. Christian and Benjamin are both names i like but they are too common for me. Thanks anyway!

  7. I do like the names Spencer and Dempsey, but for boys, not for girls. (Just personal opinion here.)

    Some other ideas…

    Boys: Miller, Everett, Finn, Reed, Milo, Judson, Asher, Parker

    Girls: Sadie, Molly, Audra, Piper, Tamsin, Fiona, Kira, Stella

  8. i really like dempsey for a girl but im not totally completely in love. I think i would like another sporty trendy name to go with austin beckett and crosby. Still need 2 more girls names though. So far these are the names my husband and I have decided on:
    Girls: Lyla Michelle
    Boys: Austin Marc and Crosby Camden

  9. I really like Lyla Michelle, very feminine and pretty, Kind of the opposite of Britton Pearl but I think that’s what makes is work.
    Hmmm….. Maybe Jacoby, Alexander, Ashton, Trenton, Kashyn, Jeremy/Jeremiah or Caden? Just some names derived from sports stars…
    For girls I think since you have Lyla and Britton you should do one more feminine name and one more unisex. Elody/Elodie/Alody/Alodie, Rosalie or Aubrey for more feminine and maybe Audley, Spencer, Parker or Ellery/Emory/Emerson.

  10. im not sure about those girls names but i do really like jacoby!! What does everyone think about collins for a girl??? Im not sure about it, it may be too southern with me already ahving lyla austin and britton which i consider sounthern names

  11. some boy suggestions: Stryker, Karter, Jonas, Levi, Elisha, Riley, Wynn, Logan, Theo, Jax, Emery, Kayden, Felix, Devon, Drake, Myles, Jayce, Ryder, Peyton, Oakley, Jericho, Luka, Shay, Uriel, Calyx, River, Phoenix, August, Sylar, Harper, Leif, Koa.

  12. Oakley I would say is better the Levi. Levi reminds me of Bristol Palin’s son’s father, and really I don’t think I’d want my son to have that association personally…

  13. Suggested Girl Names:
    Brita (love this name but you already have some B’s)

    Suggested Boy Names:
    Dashiell (love the idea of the nickname Dash!)

  14. @bria gwenyth is pretty but I’m not sure I like it and I’m not sure I like dashiell or just reminds me of the kardashian’s store and seems a bit feminine for my sport other guys names

  15. I knew a few Collins (surname) boys, so for me it’s a name that is very “boy.” I also knew a boy named Colin (no s), so Collins seems too surname-y. Instead of Collins, would you consider Callen(girl), Cooper (boy) or Camden (either)?

  16. I reall only like Camden from those and that is my cousins name which we already decided to use as a middle name for crosby

  17. Using your other kids’ names as inspiration, if you like trendy I’d suggest choosing a last-name-as-first-name, a place name, and one of the consonant+ayden creations. You’d have a lot of names to choose from that way, and no child will seem like that “one of these things is not like the other” song. lol.

    Corbin, Brooklyn and Kayden?
    Miller, Dakota and Jayden?
    Peyton, Willow and Braydon?
    McKenna, Grayson and Haydon?

    I WOULD say to go for one of the less-common-old-fashioned names that are so popular now, but I don’t think it’d fit with your other children’s names/your naming style since you’re already using (possibly old-fashioned) family names as middles.

  18. Ah, that is so cool that you have that association with Crosby :) I really like the name and your connection to it.

    I didn’t think I would but I do really like Jacoby for a girl. I also like the suggestions of Dakota and Grayson above.

    Some other ideas (sorry for repeats!)



  19. Peyton/Payton, Kinley, Kenna/Makenna and Raleigh are really cute! I wish I had heard Raleigh just about 4 weeks ago, LOL. Trenton and Lennox sound good to! I like the way Lleyton is spelled, Leighton Meester has made it seem like a girls name but that spelling is very masculine. Any thoughts Skylar?

  20. kinley and peyton are both really cute girls names. i think i would prefer peyton of those though. Ive always loved the name Hayden too.

  21. ok im thinking i need some hockey names for the last boys name. I do like the name Brooks after herb brooks who is one of my favorite hockey players/coaches. especially becuase my favorite movie of all time is miracle.

  22. I think you could do Easton for a girl even but if you’ve already decided on Austin I don’t think that’d work.

  23. Love, love, love Brooks, especially the hockey connection, in this sibset. You could even stretch it to Brooke or Brooklyn for a girl. I’d love to see you look for a girl’s hockey-related name, too. There is of course, Sydney (but not if you’re set on Crosby). But you could have a Sydney (girl) and a Brooks (boy).

  24. yeah i dont think i want to have 2 sidney crosby names…but i would like to find a girls name. Some of my other favorite hockey players right now are milan lucic and evgeni malkin. Any way to make those into names that i could use without them being too european??

  25. For Milan you could use Mila (mee-la).

    Evgeni’s name is a form of Eugene, the feminine form of which is Eugenia. I don’t know if Eugenia is quite what you’re looking for, but the short forms Genie and Gina are cute.

  26. OMG Mila is soo cute i love that idea!!! But yes Eugene or Eugenia isnt quite what im looking for but i LOVE Mila thank you!

  27. Didn’t read the entire post, but noticed you asked opinions on “Collins” for a girl. My daughter is Collins Caroline and I have gotten mostly incredibly positive feedback! I think it’s adorable! Our son is Hayes Scott.

    Other favorites of mine:
    Henry (we like the double name Will Henry)


  28. Just a quick aside. I wrote a post once about names that seem to get nothing but “incredibly positive feedback.” It’s called The Truth About Your Baby’s Name.

    I’m bringing this up not to be mean to Whitney or to say something negative about the name Collins. (Apologies ahead of time to Whitney if this comment comes across as insulting–that’s not my intent at all.) It’s just that tons of positive feedback on a baby name that’s already been bestowed is never quite what it seems.

  29. I do love the name Collins but I’m not sure my husband and I are going to follow through with that name anymore even if it is very cute. Also since I’ve already decided on the name lyla I think mila is too similar to it so if anyone has ideas about any other hockey names for girls that would be great! Please let me know -skylar

  30. Is there something about using Milan that you didn’t like (I know it was changed to Mila, but not sure why)? Because it seems like Milan would be a really pretty fit with your style!

    I’m looking at this site for hockey player names and have found quite a few players named Bill, Bobby, Frank and Charlie. Billie, Bobbi, Frankie and Charlie are all adorable name (or nicknames) for girls, too! If you wanted longer “real” names, you could go with Willow for Billie, Barbara or Beatrice for Bobbi, Francine or Francesca for Frankie, and Charlotte or Charlaine for Charlie (among many other names that would give you these nicknames!)?

    Other names I saw on that list that might work for first names were Alex, Yvan (would best be Yvonne for you), Mikita, and Fleur (from Lafleur). Also, Bentley and Benedicta (originally last name Benedict) are pretty names that could be nicknamed Bennie- which is adorable for a little girl!

  31. i like Mila i think its just too similar too Lyla. I think i like the way Mila looks but not the way it sounds although it is growing on my and im beginning to grow away from Lyla i also like Charlotte/CHarlie for a girl

  32. I love Mila, too. I’ve actually heard it pronounced both “mee-lah” and “my-lah”…so you’d have options there. You could always drop the L and go with either Mia or Mya? That gets it further away from the namesake, though. I was asking about the name Milan, like the Italian fashion capital (and the hockey player’s full first name, I believe), though. I think it fits perfectly with Britton, and it could be made a little more feminine by adding an -a on the end (Milana). It gives way to cute nickames like Mila and Millie, too, or even Lani if you wanted. Also, Charlie can be a nickname for other names than Charlotte (although that’s my favourite!), like Carlotta or even Carlin.

  33. oh i really like Lani but i dont like Milana or Milan for a girl. I do still like Mila for a girl though. The Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins are my favorite hockey teams. Do you think you could look at the rosters and help me come up with a couple guys or girls names thatd be great!

  34. Oh and i just realized something awesome!! I could really go with the name Charlotte/CHarlie after Zddeno Chara on the Bruins

  35. I like the name Chara actually by itself! You could also do Carla or Caroline/Carolina/Carolyn/Carolie. Charalyn or one of your own Chara-girlie ending of your own could work.

  36. Ooh, good idea! Hmm…well, you could always feminize the names like Brooks, Joe, Eric, Chris, Michael, James, Arron, Shawn, Alex, etc (Brook, Joey, Erica, Christie, Michaela, Jamie, Erin, Shawna, Lexi)? And like I said last post, you can come up with more formal names to go with those nicknames (ex: Josephine for Joey, Christiana for Christie, Alexis for Lexi).

    As far as last names go, Lovejoy could be separated into either Love or Joy (but both might be a little too much), Fleury becomes Fleur, Michalek to Michelle or Michaela, Martin to Martina? I think Marchand, Conner, Ryder, Kelly and Campbell would all work without alteration (though some are unusual for girls), and lend themselves to nicknames if you’d rather use that (like Connie or Cam). Marchand could become Marcella, but I think Marchand is kinda neat (I’m assuming it pronounced like “mar-shahnd”) on it’s own.

    I like Nancy’s idea of Victor or Victoria, too! Using the names of important rinks or historically victorious coaches or something like that would be a fun namesake. Things like that will always have the same meaning to you, unlike favourite players which could change over time (I’d hate to name a kid after a modern-day sports favourite only to have that person pull a Ben Roethlisberger or something).

  37. @Ashley- thats exactly the same thing I was thinking! I made sure my sister didn’t name her son Jacoby after Jacoby Ellsbury, her favorite baseball player from the Red Sox, because you never know what could happen to them!

  38. I know, right?! My husband is all, “Let’s name our daughter Rose after Derek Rose!!!1!!1” I’m okay with it as long as it’s a name that is “common” enough that you can stop saying it’s after a specific person if said person goes crazy or something. I’d just hate to start despising the name, too, if the namesake really lets me down.

    My husband also wants to use Halas for a boy (can you tell we’re Chicago fans? lol), which is incredibly specific, but I’m cool with that since the guy’s dead. Not to sound callous, but…barring any random, late-surfacing skeletons of Papa Bear, at least my/the public’s opinion of him won’t be changing anytime soon.

  39. @allison i do love the name Chara but i think its too weird
    @nancy i feel the same way about the name victoria, but i like the idea of VIctoria, like naming it after an important hockey rink. I wish there was some way to connect a name to the 1980 olympic gold medal win at Lake Placid NY help me out??
    @ashley i love the name Alex and Alexandria(Lexi) after Alex Ovechkin but im afraid their too common although i do love them

  40. What about Neely (Bruins’ hall of fame)? Crosby, Lyla and Neely? I like that all have a y in their names, but are so different individually. Neela could be a sweet nickname.

    Other ideas:
    Shae after the first person to win 2 gold medals at the 1980’s Olympics (ice skating)?
    Riley (after the Coach of the PP)

  41. @allie yes its pronounced Bow-er but yes now that you say the dog’s name i could see that
    @Maria although i do love Cam Neely im not sure about that name

    How about the name Elliot for a girl?

  42. I LOVE Elliot for a girl! And I’d have to say “probably not” on Bauer. I think of Bowzer and 24 when I hear that name. Sorry. :/

    The only issue with having a girl-Elliot is that amid brothers, especially brothers without very traditional, masculine names, she might get grouped with the boys. Or if her sisters have girlier names (like Lyla, etc), then she may feel left out. Although Britton isn’t very feminine, so I’d definitely say for you to use Elliot (or maybe Elliotte?) if you have two boys and a girl, or have equally gender-neutral names for each girl. If you decide to go with Charlotte/Charlie, though, and have an Elliot with your Britton, then Charlie, Elliot and Britton fit beautifully, in my opinion. The only issue THEN becomes giving your boys names that are distinctly “male.” A family I knew picked out one name for each child before they knew if it was a boy or girl- they ended up with all girls, with names like Randi, Jacki and Bobbi. I love that idea, but I think it worked so well because they were all girls. I’m not sure how little boy Randy would have felt with sisters that shared similar names.

    As for “Alex-” names being popular, I see that for boys (Alexander should be in the top 5 this year), but not as much for girls. In the multiple lists I found, Alexis is between 30 and 40, and Alexa is in the 80-90 range…but that’s it for the top 100. So while Alexis or Alexia or Aleksandria may share a nickname with some boys at school, I doubt there’ll be any other girls with that name. And sharing a name with the boys is usually pretty cool.

  43. ok so how about Lyla Michelle, Elliot Lorraine(possible different middle name), Austin Marc, Crosby Camden, and Alex Robert(possible different middle name)

    i still need a 3rd girls name and im not totally positive about alex although im getting close to finalizing the kids names. Thank You for your help!

  44. My friend at the moment is in the same process as you, choosing baby names related to hockey! Here are some that would be good with your current.

    I like the idea of Shae a lot. But like Ashley said I don’t know if Britton, Shae, Lyla and Elliot really fit with Beckett, Crosby, Austin and Alex…

    What about:
    Colton (Yellowhorn and Orr)

    Cory (Pecker)- Korie?

    Beau (Frtiz)- Boe/Bowe

    Zack/Zachary (Stortini)- Zack reminded me of Austin for some reason…

    Evander (Kane)- Evelyn

    Logan (Couture)- the name is unisex

    and I know this doesn’t really fit but I decided to add it anyway- Stanley, for the Stanley Cup of course…

    Also if you don’t end up using Austin for a boy, I think Easton for a girl is so cute!

  45. Oh Easton for a girl is really cute good idea although i am set on Austin. But i do really like the name Beau thats a good idea. Now i just need a girls hockey name

  46. What about using names from female hockey players, be it first or last names? It may be nice for your daughter(s) to be named after a woman who is or was great at hockey.. show them that they too can do whatever it is they want.


    Either name:
    Kacey Bellamy
    Cherie Piper

    First name:
    Charline (Labonté)
    Hazel (McCallion)
    Manon (Rheaume)
    Bobbi (Rosenfeld)
    Hayley (Wickenheiser)
    Cassie (Campbell)

  47. I just had a thought. Both my husband and I are french Canadian, so how about a name origin thats french?

  48. Marie?

    Manon is a pet form of Marie, so there’s the hockey tie-in as well.

    Other French names, let’s see…Giselle, Arielle, Axelle, Lilou, Rosalie, Simone, Sylvie. (Lilou might be too close to Lyla/Lila though.)

  49. So i havnt come across any french names i like but i need to take a vote on the last boys name.. should i name him Brooks or Alexander(Alex)???

  50. I think Cambria is cute but I wouldn’t use Brooksy, it just sounds like a nickname for Brooke.

  51. I dont like either of those girls names but i cant choose between brooks and Brewer. I am also leaning towards collins again for a girl

  52. I prefer Brooks to Brewer. I like the crisp sound of the word, and, thinking in terms of potential teasing (which may or may not even happen) the taunts I can think of for Brooks aren’t as bad as the (beer-related) ones I can think of for Brewer.

  53. okay any thoughts on the name Bryer? I really like Br- names any suggestions? Besides the obvious like Bryson Bryce Bryan etc..

  54. Bryer makes me think of Breyer’s Ice Cream. Actually a rather nice association. :)

    Some other Br- names: Braxton, Braddock, Bridger, Brigham, Briston

  55. out of these girl nnames which ones do you like the best… lyla collins spencer elliot berkley easton(would have to change the name austin)

  56. i think lyla and elliot are difinites…just need one more but i havent found one that i like enough besides easton but thats too close to austin which i love love love for a boy but i love love love easton for a girls…im torn :/

  57. I also really like the names Bristol and berkley for girls….bristol has absolutely NO relation to Bristol palin I just like the name.

  58. I think Berkeley is cute. What about Breckyn, Brailyn, Bryleigh, Brielle, Brynlee, Brecklee, Bronwyn, or Brallie?

  59. ok so i thought i had my names finalized until i saw the name Breckyn i looovee it.

    i was going to change the name austin so i could use easton and do

    girls: Elliot, Easton, Lyla

    Boys: Beau, Crosby, Brooks

  60. I think Lyla will be left out with her sisters Elliot and Easton having traditional male names while she has a very feminine name. If you have two boys and a girl then Lyla would be perfect- and help the boys stand on their own with their names; but if you have more than one girl, the boy may feel lumped into the girls because at least one of them has a “boy’s name” too. Ditto for the girl with the “boy’s name” versus a brother with a boy’s name and a sister named Lyla. Might feel awkward.

    You could always call an Elliot “Elle” or “Ellie” though to help her “fit in” with sister Lyla?

  61. @Leigh I see where your coming from but I think it’s fine I don’t think they will really feel left out with their names

  62. I don’t know if you know this but there is a show on TLC with quintuplets and they have Britton, Lila and Eliot – all girls. If that doesn’t bother you then thats fine but I’m sure more than one person is going to point it out to you down the road. Especially if their show gets more popular.

  63. yes i am familiar with the show…thats where i got the names and it doesnt bother me at all…i really like all of those names

  64. I don’t think the names being similar is that big of a deal. I do think though that the names won’t flow well if you have let’s say Easton and Breckyn and then Lyla which is totally different then the other two because it’s definite feminine status.

  65. So I think my final names are:

    Lyla Michelle, Breckyn Allison, and Easton Lorraine
    Crosby Camden, Beau Marc, and Brooks David

  66. Thanks Allison!!! I also just realized i did actually find a girls hockey anme because Easton is a popular hockey brands name which excited me!!

  67. Just wanted to let you all know(if you are still following this post) that i gave birth to 3 healthy babies today via c-section!

    I had two boys and one girl and i gave them the following names:

    the oldest Beau Marc 5lbs 9 oz 9:11 am, Easton Lorraine 6lbs 2 oz 9:17 am, and Crosby Camden 5lbs 4 oz 9:20 am

  68. This are if you still go with the B theme:
    Boys: Blaine, Bennett, Benson, Brayson, & Bently
    Girls: Blair, Bay, Beatrix, Billy, Bella, Brooke, Bridget, & Bess

  69. I am expecting my fourth this fall and Iam a fan of traditional and trendy. could use suggestions. we dont know the sex. Our oldest Gracelyn Rose(mine and my great grandmothers middle name , Lyla Eleanor (my mothers name) and Declan John(my father inlaws first name and my fathers middle name) thanks

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