Baby name story: Stormee

Linda and Carlton Garvin of Toledo, Ohio, welcomed a baby girl on June 8, 1987, during a thunderstorm.

Their daughter’s name? Stormee Lynn.

Stormee came home the day a slight earthquake was recorded in the area, Mrs. Garvin reports, and for the next five Monday nights, there were thunderstorms.

Source: “Names.” Toledo Blade 30 Jul. 1987: P-2.

2 thoughts on “Baby name story: Stormee

  1. I work in a school district, and we had two little boys, brothers, whose names were Thunder and Lightening. I recently heard that they have a new little sister named Stormy. I honestly don’t mind Stormy for a girl, as long as it’s not paired with a last name like ‘Cloud’. Along the same line, I once met a girl named Spring Rainey….

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