Baby (almost) named after 20 soccer players

In late 1982, Trevor George of Penarth, Wales, registered his newborn daughter’s name as Jennifer Edson Arantes do Nascimento Jairzinho Rivelino Carlos-Alberto Paulo-Cesar Brietnar Cruyff Greaves Charlton Best Moore Ball Keegan Banks Gray Francis Brooking Curtis Toshack Law George. (Between Jennifer and George are the names of 20 of the world’s greatest soccer players.)

When his wife Lynette found out, she “sat down and cried, then went home to her mother and eventually had the child’s name changed to something more conventional” — Jennifer Anne George.

This was Trevor’s response:

I’m more angry about her changing the names than her leaving. She can stay where she is if that’s what she’s going to do.

I am very curious to know what became of this couple.

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Source: “You Can Call Her Jenny, Or…Or.” Telegraph-Herald [Dubuque, Iowa] 17 Dec. 1982: 15.

5 thoughts on “Baby (almost) named after 20 soccer players

  1. Obviously Trevor and Lynette hadn’t communicated very well about their baby name preferences (or likely anything else). Poor girl.

    On another note, I find it interesting that Edison/Edson is used frequently as a boy’s first name in Brazil but rarely in the U.S.

  2. If my husband had taken advantage of me being wiped out after giving birth to sneak a name past me, I’d ditch him too. (Hypothetical, I don’t have a husband or a baby!)

    That shows a major lack of good faith on his part, and is controlling as well.

  3. Yes I am the Jennifer, to up date mum and Trevor are not together and I have not seen him or had any contact with him since I was a baby.
    To answer the 1st comment, my mum was not aware of what he intended to do with my name and from what I have be told she would not have allowed it to happen.

    I do have one that does say Jennifer Ann but have been told I was only allowed to use it during school years and is not legally my real name.

    For my opinion, I was shocked when I 1st found out (which wasn’t until I was 13) and it was a nightmare when I had to get legal documents i.e passport, NI, driving licence but once that had been all sorted, it was fine. I laugh about it now. Well until I get married when i’m not sure if I can skip the part when I have to say my name!

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