Name snark from 1878

Back in 1878, Marancy Hughes of Tuscarora, Nevada, married a man named Samuel M. Pollard.

She soon discovered that Samuel was not a man, but woman. Named Sarah.

I don’t know anything else about the situation, but I was amused by what an anonymous reporter in Baltimore had to say about Marancy’s name:

To begin with, her Christian name is Marancy, which of itself is an overwhelming affliction.

Do you agree or disagree?

Source: “What Came of an Elopement.” Morning Herald [Baltimore] 24 May 1878: 1.

2 thoughts on “Name snark from 1878

  1. I don’t especially like Marancy but neither would I feel sorry for someone with that name. I’m just going by sound, I have no associations for its (possible) meaning nor for other Marancys. Maybe at that time in that area, it would be considered unfavourable to have a rare name, no matter its asthetics or associations. Not so much these days.

    It sounds like a mashup of Mary and Nancy. I could see people honouring two relatives that way.

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