Baby name stories: Robin

Cheap Trick's album "Heaven Tonight" (1978"
Robin Zander (on the left)

One of the benefits of having a unisex name is that you can pass it down to either a boy or a girl. Or, you can pass it down to both a boy and a girl, which is exactly Cheap Trick singer Robin Zander did.

Zander has two children — one is a boy named Robin Jr., the other is a girl named Robin-Sailor.

About her children’s names, [Robin’s wife] Pam jokes, “Any more kids and we’d have to do the George Foreman thing.”

Robin and Robin-Sailor remind me of Emeril Lagasse’s latest two children, Meril (girl) and Emeril (boy).

Source: Daly, Sean. “Trick Daddy Zander surrenders to the bay area beauty.” St. Petersburg Times 10 Nov. 2006.

4 thoughts on “Baby name stories: Robin

  1. I went to school with a female Lesley whose father was Leslie. My husband worked with a man named Keri who named his daughter Kerrie.

    I had planned on using my middle name of Lynn for my son, but my brother used it for his daughter’s middle name first.

  2. Well Britney’s father is Jamie, and her sister is Jamie. Its interesting that you dont see names like Isabella being passed down to sons…

  3. My dad was named after his aunt Gina and his Great aunt Jorgina. That’s why his name is just Gene and not Eugene.

    I’m not the type of person who wants a Jr., so I wouldn’t name a son Julian. But one of our go-to boy’s names was Martin, largely because my grandma was Margie and MIL is called Tina.

  4. I only have issues with it when they use it for all of their kids, ‘George Foreman style’. Working in a school district, I see families with Antonio and Antonia, Frederick and Fredricka, Juan and Juana, just to name a few. All are named after dad or mom, and, no, not all of the girls are the older sibling. So that’s no excuse….

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