Baby born on Trent Avenue, named Trent

In mid-1986, Karen Butler of Spokane, Washington, gave birth to a baby boy while her husband Vince was driving her to the hospital.

The baby boy arrived just as their Volkswagen was turning onto Trent Avenue.

So what did they name him? Daniel Trent Butler — middle name in honor of his unique birthplace.

Source: Godes, Kerry. “Early Baby’s Namesake Is a Busy Intersection.” Spokane Chronicle 25 Sep. 1986: A3.

[Babies with similar name stories: Keane, Asher Behrend.]

One thought on “Baby born on Trent Avenue, named Trent

  1. Trent is a cute name for a baby boy, and before its time in 1986! Trents, Masons, etc. were popular in the late 90s and mid 2000s.

    Looks like there is inspiration in Spokane, Washington after all :)

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