Missouri babies named after Chase Daniel

Before Chase Daniel played football with the New Orleans Saints, he played football with the Missouri Tigers at the University of Missouri. As quarterback, he lead the Tigers to the Big 12 Championship Game twice (2008 & 2009). He was so successful, in fact, that he inspired many expectant parents in Missouri to name their sons Chase:

  • 2010: 6,441 nationally (ranked 66th), 247 in Missouri (ranked 21st)
  • 2009: 7,387 nationally (ranked 61st), 302 in Missouri (ranked 11th)
  • 2008: 7,000 nationally (ranked 67th), 337 in Missouri (ranked 8th)
  • 2007: 6,155 nationally (ranked 79th), 213 in Missouri (ranked 48th)
  • 2006: 5,744 nationally (ranked 83rd), 194 in Missouri (ranked 52nd)
  • 2005: 5,198 nationally (ranked 82nd), 176 in Missouri (ranked 56th)
  • 2004: 5,161 nationally (ranked 82nd), 159 in Missouri (ranked 57th)

It’s worth nothing that Missouri’s #2 quarterback during this time was also named Chase. Both Chase Daniel and Chase Patton were featured together on the cover of ESPN The Magazine at one point.

Edit, 7/1/11: Twitter user Tom Orf (@MU4124) has brought to my attention a third Chase — tight end Chase Coffman, who played for Missouri during the same time period.

Source: Jung, Alison. “Chase in top 10 Missouri baby names in 2008.” 5 Sep. 2009.

One thought on “Missouri babies named after Chase Daniel

  1. Interesting. It’s Daniel’s mn according to wikipedia. I always liked Chase as a nn or alternative name for Charles.

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