Baby names needed: Girl names for twin sisters

A reader named Grace would like some help naming her twin girls, due in a couple of months. She and her husband John already have three boys, Jackson, Samuel and Lucas.

So far, their favorite girl names are Juliet, Isla, Susannah and Norah. But they’re also considering a family name:

We would love to honor my mother, Denise Marie, but we despise both names. I would love some ideas on how to use that without actually using those names.

For the middle spots, they’re aiming for virtue names. They already have Honor picked out, and “[i]f there is another virtue name you would suggest so they both had one that would be great!”

Their last name is similar to Cawston.

On the current favorites…
I like all of the current favorites. The pairing I like best, though, is Juliet and Susannah. I just think they sound good together. I also like how they can both be shortened, just like the boys’ names — Jack, Sam, Luke, Jules & Sue (or Julie & Susie).

On incorporating Denise Marie…
One way to incorporate Denise Marie would be to find a name that features the sounds of both Denise and Marie (especially those D- and M-sounds). Names with these sounds include Madeline, Demetria, Dominique/Domenica, Damaris, Adamina, Amadea and Idamae.

Another approach would be to use initials — either the initials “D. M.” for one twin or a D-name for twin #1 and an M-name for twin #2. Some possibilities (beyond the names above) include Dahlia, Daisy, Damiana, Daphne, Dara, Delphine, Diana, Dina, Dora, Dorothy and Drusilla for D-names and Mara, Marian, Marlene, Martina, Mina, Mirabelle, Miranda, Miriam, Molly, Monica and Mona for M-names.

On virtuous middles…
My first thought was Mercy, because it sounds a lot like Marie. Other virtue names that might make nice middles are Amity, Charity, Clementine/Clemency, Hope, Joy, Patience, Peace/Pax, Temperance and Verity.

Now it’s your turn! Which of Juliet, Isla, Susannah and Norah do you like best for twins? What names can you come up with to honor Denise Marie? Which virtue names do you like best for middle names?

49 thoughts on “Baby names needed: Girl names for twin sisters

  1. Too many constraints to make it workable! I say keep it simple, use Isla Marie and Norah Denise. They’re both beautiful names with good flow–by the time these girls are in their 20’s both Denise & Marie will be back in style. Isla could be nn’d Ilee, and Norah, Nori. Really cute, no virtue names to push against (Honor doesn’t flow well with any of their favorites) and the grandmothers are happy to boot!

  2. One thing I neglected to mention in the post — and since Gail brings up constraints, this could be important — is that the boys have two middle names each. I don’t know if the twin girls will have two middles each as well, but, if they do, that’s a lot more leeway.

  3. Denise is related to the named Sidney (which originated as a contraction of “Saint Denis”). So perhaps Sydney/Cydney? I also found something that suggests that Dione is related to Denise (using Greek elements), in case that’s more their style.

    Marie is the French form of Mary, which makes it connected to a slew of other lovely names, including:

  4. I wouldn’t go for repeating initials, so my favorites are Isla and Norah. Jack and Juliet (Jack and Jules?) and Samuel and Susannah (Sam and Sus?) might sound too similar for siblings, although they are all lovely names.

    What about: Isla Charisma Dee and Norah Felicity May?

    If you love Honor, I think Juliet Honor May and Susannah Joy Nissa also sound lovely.

  5. I love the name Marina and that could be a lovely tribute to Marie.

    I don’t love all of these, but I could see being used as a honorific to Denise since they share an element, letter combination or a sound:

  6. Some names you can spell using the letters of Denise Marie:
    Adene, Adi, Adine, Adri, Adrie, Adriene, Aideen, Aimee, Aimi, Aine, Airi, Amee, Ami, Amie, Andi, Andie, Andree, Ane, Anise, Ans, Arden, Ariene, Arin, Armide, Ase, Dairine, Dani, Deane, Dee, Deean, Deeane, Deena, Dema, Demi, Dena, Denisa, Desi, Desirae, Desiree, Dian, Diane, Dima, Dina, Drea, Drina, Eda, Eden, Ederne, Edie, Edina, Edmee, Edna, Eida, Eide, Eider, Eimear, Eir, Eira, Eirean, Eireen, Eirene, Eirian, Ema, Emer, Emese, Emi, Emine, Emira, Ena, Enid, Era, Erin, Eris, Erma, Ermen, Ermin, Erna, Esen, Eser, Esi, Esin, Esmee, Ida, Ide, Iida, Iines, Ima, Iman, Imani, Ime, Ina, Inam, Inas, India, Indira, Indrani, Ines, Ira, Iren, Irena, Irene, Iria, Irina, Iris, Irma, Irmen, Irmin, Isa, Isi, Isra, Mae, Mai, Mair, Maire, Mairen, Mairi, Mairin, Maisie, Mandi, Mandie, Mare, Mared, Maree, Maren, Mari, Marine, Maris, Marise, Marni, Marnie, Medea, Medeia, Meena, Meera, Mei, Meinir, Meira, Mere, Meri, Mia, Mien, Mies, Miia, Miina, Min, Mina, Mindi, Mindie, Mira, Mireia, Miren, Mirna, Nasim, Nea, Neas, Neda, Neima, Nere, Nerea, Nereida, Nerida, Nes, Nia, Nidia, Nima, Nsia, Rae, Rain, Raine, Ran, Randi, Randie, Rani, Reena, Reene, Reenie, Rei, Reina, Reine, Remei, Ren, Rena, Renae, Renee, Renie, Ria, Riina, Rim, Rin, Rina, Sade, Sadi, Sadie, Sam, Sandi, Sandie, Sari, Seda, Sedira, Sedna, Seema, Seira, Sera, Seren, Serena, Serene, Serina, Sermin, Sian, Siani, Siena, Sima, Simin, Sine, Sinead, Sini, Siri, Sri

  7. I’m still mulling this over a bit, particularly the concept of “honoring” names. It seems to me, and this is only an opinion, that you either use an honoring name or you don’t. Taking the letters and turning them into other names, or taking a name and making it more palatable somehow makes it not seem like an honor at all–quite the opposite–it’s as if one is somehow actually ashamed of the real name, and really waffling. If one of my daughters wanted to honor me by using the name Abigail, I don’t think I’d actually feel honored….though this would be a bit better than scrambling the letters into something else (won’t work with Gail, but you get the drift).

  8. @Gail — see, I’m the opposite. If someone told me they were honoring me with their child’s name, I’d feel honored, no matter which name/form/variant/anagram/etc. they were using. Furthermore, I think that as long as the parent feels that it’s honoring, then it is.

  9. Yup, we will be doing double middles. Our sons are Jackson Scott, Samuel Jameson Brave and Lucas Liam Matthew.

    Thank you Panya for that long list! From it John likes Maisie and Diane/Diana and I like Mira, Mina.

    I love Angela’s suggestions of Maribel, Mariella, Mariana and Mariah.

    And Nancy I like your idea about Mercy! I think that works well too!

    @Gail- I want the names to mean something, for example Jameson is from my grandfathers name James. I didn’t like Samuel James so I added -son. I think it is still honoring him even though it is not his exact name. My mother also specifically told me not to give the name Denise on because she despises it herself. And Marie just seems like every girl’s middle name. I want to honor her but it’s hard when neither my husband, I or my mother like the name. That is why I am looking for alternatives.

    As for first names we are still struggling. We just added another the list- Alexandra nn. Lexie, Juliet and Alexandra? Julie and Lexie? Norah is probably the only name on the list that we are still debating if it should be on the list or not.

    Thanks for posting! Any help is appreciated!

  10. My favorite virtue names:

    Remembrance (our daughter’s middle name)

    Good Luck!

  11. Remembrance is beautiful. The only thing is that it’s a bit long with 2 middle names. For example Juliet Remembrance Maribel is a mouthfull. Not of fan of True or Bliss.

  12. I have a question. The word rue means to regret but I have liked it as a first name since I read The Hunger Games. Would it be unfair to have Juliet Honor Aida(I realize it doesn’t flow, I’m working on it) and Alexandra/Susannah Rue Marielle? Because Honor is positive and Rue isn’t?

  13. @Grace – The name Rue does look and sound like the word rue, but that isn’t the source. The name was inspired by a shrub called rue — different etymology.

    Personally, I don’t think using Honor for one twin and Rue for the other would be unfair at all. But others might think the association is strong enough that it would be unfair.

  14. Ohh, okay that makes me feel better. John and I really like it. I think we are going to use Marielle after Marie because you can clearly see it. I’m also thinking Aida after my brother. Juliet and Alexandra are our two favorites right now I think. But because Juliet is less common does it not flow with Alexandra? And I’m worried about Susannah because many people have told me it’s to close to Samuel. We’d use the nickname Sannah.

  15. How about using Delight as a combo virtue/honor name for Denise? For whatever girl doesn’t get Juliet. There would then be two names ending in T, creating some balance.

    Alexandra Delight + a 3rd name
    Juliet Marielle Honor(a) + a 3rd name

    Sorry, I had no way of knowing your mother herself didn’t like Denise!

  16. I don’t think I’m a fan of Delight and I know th DH won’t be LOL. It definitely is a good idea, it just doesn’t hit it fo me. Still thinking about the cons and pros for Juliet vs Susannah…

  17. I’m glad you liked the anagram list. If you’d like me to find more — a combination of different names, or perhaps including a maiden name — just let me know. [Seriously, I have no job and love making these type of lists, lol. :-D]

    Mercy, Amity and Verity are my favorite virtue names. When searching I found Merit, which might fit well for Marie. Merry is a nice virtue-like name as well.

    If it gives you any inspiration, I have cousins named Preci0us J0y and ?ru ?erenity.

  18. Juliet Marielle is set I think, unless we add another name to it. We are deciding between Alexandra/Alexandria and Susannah. And then how we’d incorporate Aida(for Aidan) and maybe Rue.

  19. And Panya my cousins have 3 dogs named Merry, Joy and James. So those names are off LOL. And if it’s not to much of a hassle maybe a list for the name Aidan please?

  20. Grace – congrats on your twins!

    Nadia is Aidan spelled backwards. You could also get Diana, Dana, Dania, Anda, Andia, Ana, Adia, Dia, Danai, Ada, Ida, etc. Although, I would see using Alexandra as the tribute to Aidan (Alixandra, if you want to make it more obvious). You could also use Adriana or another Adrianne variant, Andria, etc., just by adding a letter or two to Aidan.

    Marise or Marisa would be my favorite Marie Denise smashup, although Demaris is another favorite. Candice could be a smoosh of Aidan and Denise.

  21. @C in DC- Thank you! I looked at the list and Justice popped out to me, but is that to masculine? Jackson Justice would have sounded nice, I love alliterations ( Lucas Liam).

  22. Would the pairing be Juliet and Elaine?

    I like the name Elaine. Especially with the nickname Lainey — the stylistic contrast of a mature-sounding legal name and a cute nickname for everyday. I’m a big fan of names that offer some versatility.

  23. I like Juliet an Elaine, but we are definitely open. I love the name Lainey but I don’t feel it is substantial enough for a first name that’s why we’d use Elaine.

  24. Does anyone else have any thoughts? We really want to get the names before the girls come and any time after August 12 they said is to be expected. We are still a bit stomped. Juliet, Alexandra, Elaine and Isla seem like the main contenders at this point.

  25. Alexandra and Mariella? Sorry I just keep throwing out names, I think I am start to get a little stressed out LOL.

  26. Don’t get stressed! All of the names you’ve brought up so far are good names, so it’s impossible for you to make a wrong decision. It’s not about finding a perfect name — there’s no such thing — just about being happy with what you choose. So no need to be stressed. :)

    I like the pairing Alexandra and Mariella. I think they sound good together. The only issue that comes to mind is nicknames.

    The default nickname for Alexandra is Alex — very different from Mari/Mary or Ella in terms of style. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but a stranger who hears “Jack, Sam, Luke, Alex and Mari” will probably think you have one daughter, not two. So for Alexandra you may want to use a non-Alex nickname such as Sandra or Lexie, just to make it clear she’s a girl.

    Not to add to the confusion, but…have you thought about any names that rhyme with Denise? I’m thinking Clarice and Elise specifically, but there are a few others.

  27. Thank you! I am starting to realize that I will have 5 children and I think I am getting a little overwhelmed, LOL. Names are one less thing to deal with if we get them decided now is the way I am looking at it. I was talking to my mother, Denise and she said that she would rather have Marielle/a then a Denise inspired name. And Lexie is like Lainey. No substantial on it’s own, though I do like Alexandra more then Elaine. I still love Juliet but I am worried others don’t like it as much. John likes it fine, along with all the other names. I love Lexie and Lainey together but not Alexandra and Elaine. Isla is still one of my favorites but it doesn’t work that well with Jack, Sam and Luke. I love Susannah but people tell me it seems dated. So Alexandra, Juliet and Elaine I think are our favorites right now with Aida and Marielle/a for middles along with Rue and Honor.

  28. I’m still working on lists! I’ll post them as soon as I’m finished [in the next couple days]. I kept meaning to come back and say, “I haven’t forgotten about you, lol!” Life just got in the way…;-)

  29. Isla is out. My friend just had her daughter this morning and named her Isla. Our children are always around each other so it would be hard to have an Isla and a Lila.

  30. hi, love the idea of twin girls esspecialy after 3 boys. congragulations!! how about the names – Lee-ara Rue Hope and Lilo- jean honor hope. i think that keep the 2 middle names like with the boys, and have one of the 2 middle names Hope for both of them…. good luck and will be good to know what you decide upon, will be hard picking 2 girls names at once after 3 boys.

  31. Alexandra nn Lexie and Juliet or Alexandra nn Lexie and Elaine nn Lainey or Elaine nn Lainey and Juliet? These are my last decisions to make.

  32. I’m not particularly fond the name Julie but I’m sure we will probably sometimes call her Julie. I just don’t love Julie that much, Juliet is just so much prettier then Julie in my opinion.

  33. Okay, here we go…

    Using just the letters of Aidan doesn’t get you much:
    Ada, Adi, Adia, Adina, Adnia, Aida, Aina, Ana, Anda, Andi, Ania, Daina, Dana, Dani, Dania, Dia, Dian, Diana, Dina, Iana, Ina, Nada, Nadia, Naida, Nia

    Denise + Aidan adds more variety:
    Ada, Addi, Addie, Adeena, Adena, Adene, Adi, Adia, Adina, Adine, Adnia, Aida, Aidanne, Aideen, Aina, Aine, Ana, Anais, Anan, Anandi, Anas, Anda, Andi, Andie, Ane, Anena, Ania, Anina, Anisa, Anise, Ann, Anna, Anne, Anni, Annie, Annis, Ans, Ansa, Asa, Asai, Ase, Asia, Asna, Asne, Dada, Daea, Daina, Dana, Danae, Danee, Danees, Daneesa, Dani, Dania, Danie, Danis, Danisa, Danna, Danni, Dannie, Das, Dasi, Dasie, Deana, Deane, Deanna, Deanne, Dedana, Dee, Deea, Deean, Deeana, Deeane, Deeann, Deeanna, Deeanne, Deena, Deia, Dena, Denisa, Desi, Dia, Dian, Diana, Diane, Diane, Diann, Dianna, Dianne, Didi, Dina, Dinaia, Dinia, Disa, Eadan, Eda, Edana, Edanis, Edda, Eddi, Eddie, Eden, Edia, Edie, Edina, Edna, Ednana, Eida, Eide, Eidia, Eina, Einaia, Einas, Einia, Ena, Enaia, Enaid, Enana, Enas, Enia, Enid, Enni, Ennis, Esen, Esi, Esin, Iana, Ianna, Ida, Idan, Idana, Idanees, Idanis, Iddia, Ide, Idia, Idida, Idis, Iedida, Iida, Iines, Ina, Inas, India, Indiana, Ines, Inna, Isa, Isai, Isi, Nada, Nadan, Nadeen, Naden, Nadene, Nadia, Nadian, Nadin, Nadine, Naenia, Naida, Nainsi, Nan, Nana, Nanda, Nani, Nasia, Ndidi, Nea, Neas, Neasa, Neda, Neena, Nena, Nensi, Nes, Nesa, Nesia, Nia, Nidia, Niina, Nina, Nine, Nisa, Nisana, Nisia, Nsia, Sada, Sade, Sadi, Sadia, Sadie, Saida, Sana, Sanda, Sandi, Sandie, Sanna, Sanne, Seana, Seanna, Seda, Sedna, Senda, Sian, Siana, Siani, Sidi, Siena, Sienna, Sinaia, Sine, Sinead, Sini, Snaia

    But add Marie to that, and look what you get:
    Aamina, Aarena, Ada, Adada, Adaia, Adama, Adamina, Adana, Adanna, Adara, Adaria, Addana, Addi, Addie, Adeena, Adeera, Adena, Adene, Adera, Aderes, Adi, Adia, Adina, Adine, Adira, Adnia, Adra, Adrea, Adri, Adria, Adriana, Adriane, Adrianna, Adrianne, Adrie, Adriena, Adriene, Adrienna, Adrienne, Adrisa, Aida, Aidanna, Aidanne, Aideen, Aiman, Aimee, Aimi, Aina, Aine, Airi, Ama, Amada, Amaia, Amana, Amanda, Amandine, Amani, Amania, Amara, Amaris, Amasia, Amedea, Amee, Amees, Ameesaia, Ami, Amiad, Amiada, Amida, Amidana, Amidara, Amie, Amina, Aminda, Amira, Amirana, Amirees, Amiris, Amis, Amisa, Amisaia, Amisana, Amna, Ana, Anais, Anan, Anana, Anania, Ananda, Anandi, Anas, Anda, Andi, Andie, Andra, Andrea, Andree, Andreea, Andreia, Andreina, Andriana, Andrianna, Andrina, Ane, Anena, Anera, Ania, Aniama, Anima, Anina, Anisa, Anise, Ann, Anna, Annamaria, Annamarie, Anne, Annemaria, Annemarie, Anni, Annie, Annis, Annmaria, Annmarie, Ans, Ansa, Arada, Arama, Aran, Arda, Arden, Ardia, Areesa, Aria, Ariadna, Ariadne, Ariana, Ariane, Arianna, Arianne, Ariene, Arienne, Arin, Arina, Arisa, Armida, Armide, Arnana, Arni, Arnina, Arninis, Arnis, Arsenia, Asa, Asai, Ase, Aseera, Asia, Asira, Asma, Asmaa, Asna, Asne, Daa, Daas, Dada, Daea, Daina, Dairine, Damaris, Damiana, Damiane, Damianna, Damianne, Damiena, Damiene, Damienna, Damienne, Dana, Danae, Danana, Danee, Danees, Daneesa, Dani, Dania, Daniama, Danie, Danis, Danisa, Danna, Danni, Dannie, Dara, Dardana, Darees, Dareia, Daria, Dariana, Dariane, Darianna, Darianne, Dariena, Dariene, Darienna, Darienne, Darina, Daris, Das, Dasi, Dasie, Deana, Deane, Deanna, Deanne, Dedana, Dee, Deea, Deean, Deeana, Deeane, Deeann, Deeanna, Deeanne, Deena, Deia, Deidra, Deidre, Dema, Demi, Dena, Denisa, Dera, Desi, Desideria, Desirae, Desiree, Dia, Diamanda, Dian, Diana, Diane, Diane, Diann, Dianna, Dianne, Didi, Dima, Dimaia, Dimia, Dina, Dinaia, Dinar, Dinia, Disa, Drea, Dreda, Drina, Eadan, Eda, Edana, Edanees, Edanis, Edda, Eddi, Eddie, Eden, Edera, Ederne, Edia, Edie, Edina, Edmee, Edna, Ednana, Edria, Eida, Eide, Eider, Eidia, Eimear, Eina, Einaia, Einara, Einas, Einia, Eir, Eira, Eirana, Eireann, Eireen, Eirene, Eirian, Ema, Emer, Emes, Emese, Emi, Emine, Emira, Ena, Enaia, Enaid, Enana, Enas, Enia, Enid, Enni, Ennis, Era, Erana, Eria, Erin, Eris, Erma, Ermen, Ermin, Erminia, Erna, Esen, Eser, Esi, Esin, Esmee, Iana, Ianna, Ida, Idan, Idana, Idanees, Idanis, Iddia, Ide, Idia, Idida, Idis, Idra, Idria, Idris, Iedida, Iida, Iines, Ima, Iman, Imani, Ime, Imera, Imrea, Imria, Ina, Inam, Inas, India, Indiana, Indira, Indrani, Ines, Inna, Ira, Irada, Irama, Irana, Iren, Irena, Irene, Iria, Irina, Iris, Irma, Irmen, Irmin, Isa, Isai, Isi, Ismene, Isra, Israa, Maaia, Maanees, Maanis, Maaria, Maasa, Maaseia, Madara, Maddi, Maddie, Madaia, Mae, Mai, Maia, Maiara, Mair, Maire, Mairead, Mairen, Mairi, Mairin, Maisie, Mana, Manda, Manees, Manesa, Mandi, Mandie, Mania, Manis, Manisa, Manna, Mannesa, Mannisa, Mara, Marasa, Mare, Mared, Maree, Maren, Mari, Maria, Marian, Mariana, Mariane, Marianna, Marianne, Marina, Marinda, Marine, Marinna, Maris, Marisa, Marise, Marna, Marnee, Marni, Marnie, Marnina, Masa, Masada, Masaia, Masenaia, Masnaia, Mea, Medada, Medana, Medea, Medeia, Medina, Meena, Meera, Mei, Meinir, Meira, Meirees, Meiri, Meiria, Meiris, Menia, Menie, Mere, Mereda, Meri, Mesada, Mia, Midiana, Mien, Mies, Miia, Miina, Min, Mina, Minda, Mindi, Mindie, Minia, Minna, Minne, Minni, Minnie, Mira, Miranda, Mireia, Miren, Miri, Mirinda, Miris, Mirna, Naama, Naamees, Naami, Naamia, Naamis, Naara, Naarees, Naaria, Naaris, Nada, Nadan, Nadeen, Nadeera, Naden, Nadene, Nadia, Nadian, Nadin, Nadine, Nadira, Nadra, Naeema, Naenia, Naiara, Naida, Naima, Nainsi, Naira, Namera, Namees, Nami, Namia, Namira, Namis, Nan, Nana, Nanaea, Nanaia, Nanami, Nanda, Nani, Narda, Narees, Naria, Naris, Nasia, Nasim, Nasira, Nasrin, Ndidi, Nea, Neas, Neasa, Neda, Nedeera, Nedira, Nedra, Needara, Needera, Neemana, Neena, Neima, Neira, Nemera, Nena, Nensi, Nera, Nerda, Nere, Nerea, Nerees, Nereida, Neri, Neriada, Nerida, Nerina, Neris, Nermin, Nes, Nesa, Nesia, Nesrin, Nia, Niaara, Nidia, Nidrea, Nidria, Niina, Nima, Nina, Nine, Nir, Nira, Niram, Nirama, Niran, Nirana, Nirda, Nirdi, Nirdis, Nirees, Niria, Niris, Nisa, Nisana, Nisia, Nsia, Raama, Raanana, Raananees, Raananis, Rada, Radana, Radaia, Rae, Raia, Rain, Raina, Raine, Raisa, Raise, Raisi, Rama, Ramees, Ramis, Ran, Rana, Ranana, Rananees, Rananis, Randa, Ranees, Raneesa, Ranena, Randi, Randie, Rani, Rania, Ranis, Ranisa, Rasa, Rasima, Rea, Reana, Reane, Reanna, Reanne, Reeia, Reem, Reema, Reena, Reenas, Reene, Reenie, Rei, Reia, Reiia, Reina, Reine, Reis, Remei, Ren, Rena, Renae, Renana, Renanees, Renanis, Renee, Reneena, Renena, Renie, Renina, Ria, Riana, Riane, Rianna, Rianne, Riina, Rim, Rin, Rina, Rinas, Saada, Saadia, Saara, Sada, Sade, Sadi, Sadia, Sadie, Sadira, Saida, Saira, Sam, Samar, Samara, Sameera, Samia, Samina, Samira, Sana, Sanaa, Sanda, Sandi, Sandie, Sandra, Sandrine, Sanna, Sanne, Sara, Sarai, Saraia, Saraid, Saranna, Sari, Saria, Sarid, Sarida, Sarina, Seana, Seanna, Seda, Sedera, Sedira, Sedna, Seema, Seira, Semadar, Sem, Sema, Semira, Senda, Senira, Sera, Sereda, Seren, Serena, Serene, Serina, Sermin, Sian, Siana, Siani, Sidi, Sidra, Siena, Sienna, Siiri, Sima, Simaia, Simana, Simena, Simin, Sinaia, Sine, Sinead, Sini, Siran, Siri, Smadar, Snaia, Snira, Sri

    Let me know if you’d like info on any of these! :-)

  34. Wow!! Thank you so much! I really love Marianna knowing it’s got the Aidan and Denise Marie connection! Maybe Elaine Rue and Juliet Marianna or Elaine Rue and Alexandra Marianna?

  35. Lainey Rue is cute! I like Lexie, especially with Lainey, but Alexandra Marianna is a little much for my taste. If you use Juliet Marianna, you could combine them into Julianna or Juna as a nickname.

  36. I guess I really love classic names with cute nicknames. And John’s least favorite name of the three is Juliet. He loves Alexandra and I love Lainey so I think we are going with Elaine and Alexandra, Lexie and Lainey. I love Elena but I don’t like going from Elena to Laney. Does Elaina look okay?

  37. I think we are going with Elaina Rue and Alexandra Mariana. I like how both names end in -ah and have matching nicknames Lainey and Lexie. But their full names are different and not matchy-matchy. I also like that both my mother and brother love the name Mariana (Thank you Panya!). I regret having to drop Honor and other virtue names because they don’t flow. I’ll let you guys know when they are born!!

  38. I love Elena too, but agree that Elaina is a better way to get to Lainey. I’m so glad I could help you! <3

  39. @Grace – I think Elaina/Lainey & Alexandra/Lexie are a great pairing. I think the twins will really appreciate having both a matching and a non-matching set of names.

    @Panya – All those suggestions! So cool. Thank you for taking the time to collect them.

  40. Elena Rue and Alexandra Marielle were born yesterday in the early morning. My mother and brother mutually decided on Marielle for Marie and Alexandra haring the same first letter as Aidan, and I am very happy with the name they came up with. Both are pretty much on the healthy side and we look forward to taking them home in the coming weeks. Thank you for all your advice!

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