Where did the baby name Marichal come from in 1965?

Baseball player Juan Marichal
Juan Marichal

The curious name Marichal popped up in the U.S. baby name data in 1965:

  • 1967: unlisted
  • 1966: unlisted
  • 1965: 8 baby boys named Marichal [debut]
  • 1964: unlisted
  • 1963: unlisted

That was the only time it ever appeared in the data. (Marichal was one of the top one-hit wonder names of 1965, in fact.)

Where did it come from?

Dominican-born professional baseball player Juan Marichal (pronounced mah-ree-CHAHL).

He was a high-kicking, right-handed pitcher who played primarily for the San Francisco Giants (1960-1973). He was the winningest pitcher of the 1960s; his bronze plaque at the Baseball Hall of Fame states that he “won 243 games and lost only 142 over 16 seasons” and “won 20 games six times and no-hit Houston in 1963.”

But his name was in the news more than usual in 1965 thanks to a specific incident that happened in August.

While he was at-bat during a game with the Dodgers, he ended up attacking Dodgers catcher John Roseboro with the bat, and this resulted in a 14-minute brawl, stitches for Roseboro, and a suspension and hefty fine for Marichal. (This was just weeks after Marichal was on the cover of SI for the first and only time.)

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Image: © 1965 Sports Illustrated

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