How did Portland Hoffa get her name?

American comedian Portland Hoffa (1905-1990)
Portland Hoffa

Dr. Frederick Hoffa and his wife, Mary, had four baby girls in the early 20th century.

The first was named Lebanon. She was born in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

The second was named Portland. She was born in Portland, Oregon.

The third was named Lastone, even though she wasn’t.

The fourth was named Doctor Fredericka. (The “Doctor” was later dropped.)

Portland Hoffa went on to become a radio star along with her first husband, Fred Allen.

Portland and Fred never had children, but Portland did have at least one namesake — Portland Mason, daughter of English actor James Mason and his first wife, Pamela. Her nickname was Porty.


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  1. Fredericka’s original name was Period! As in, “Last-one” – “Period!” Her father actually named his youngest child this!! This info comes from the Jacqueline Susann book, “Every Night, Josephine!” And Lastone’s nickname was “Lasty”.

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