Popular baby names in Canberra/ACT (Australia), 2011

And on the heels of Queensland we have Canberra. Well, the entire Australian Capital Territory, actually.

So far this year there have been 5,241 births in the ACT, and these are the most popular baby names:

Girl Names

  1. Olivia
  2. Emily
  3. Ella (tie)
  4. Sophie (tie)
  5. Amelia
  6. Chloe
  7. Charlotte
  8. Grace
  9. Ava
  10. Abigail

Boy Names

  1. Thomas
  2. William
  3. Lachlan
  4. Oliver
  5. Jack (2-way tie)
  6. James (2-way tie)
  7. Lucas (2-way tie)
  8. Samuel (2-way tie)
  9. Benjamin (2-way tie)
  10. Ethan (2-way tie)

Samuel, Benjamin Amelia, Isabella and Abigail are new to the top ten lists. They replaced Alexander, Ethan, Lily, Ruby and Mia.

Update: I’ve revised this post with the finalized top 10! Isabella was kicked off the girls’ list by Ava, and Liam was kicked off the boys’ list by Ethan.

Sources: Canberra’s top 20 baby names revealed, Most popular baby names by year – Access Canberra

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