Biggest changes in boy name popularity, 2011

Which boy names saw the biggest increases in popularity from 2010 to 2011? How about the biggest decreases?

According to the numbers, Mason was the winner. (Same as last year, in fact.)

  1. Mason, +4597 babies (rank change: 12th to 2nd)
  2. Liam, +2442 babies (rank change: 30th to 15th)
  3. Bentley, +1774 babies (rank change: 100th to 75th)
  4. Axel, +1059 babies (rank change: 187th to 132nd)
  5. Easton, +1037 babies (rank change: 145th to 102nd)
  6. Jace, +1020 babies (rank change: 146th to 106th)
  7. Ayden, +968 babies (rank change: 79th to 70th)
  8. Declan, +891 babies (rank change: 274th to 177th)
  9. Blake, +885 babies (rank change: 87th to 73rd)
  10. Jaxon, +878 babies (rank change: 99th to 86th)

The loser? Jacob:

  1. Jacob, -1858 babies (rank change: 1st to 1st)
  2. Joshua, -1754 babies (rank change: 11th to 14th)
  3. Tyler, -1649 babies (rank change: 34th to 38th)
  4. Ethan, -1389 babies (rank change: 2nd to 7th)
  5. Christopher, -1318 babies (rank change: 13th to 21st)
  6. Angel, -1253 babies (rank change: 42nd to 52nd)
  7. Anthony, -1252 babies (rank change: 10th to 11th)
  8. Evan, -1111 babies (rank change: 36th to 40th)
  9. Alexander, -1110 babies (rank change: 6th to 8th)
  10. Nicholas, -1089 babies (rank change: 37th to 42nd)

Last year’s loser, Joshua, was this year’s runner-up.

And here’s something confusing for you: boy names that decreased in usage but increased in rank include James, Gavin, Caleb, Luke, Charles, Brayden and Kaleb.

2 thoughts on “Biggest changes in boy name popularity, 2011

  1. I love Easton and Axel!

    So much talk about Michael dropping out of the top5 and its not even in the top10 biggest fallers… :p I just hope all this talk doesnt make it increase again – I want it to go away, seriously.

    Finally Jacob sees a steep decrease, wouldnt be surprised to see Mason already getting the top spot for 2012 – its not a matter of “if”, its a matter of “when” it’ll be #1. The problem is I cant see any other boy name catching up to it anytime soon, zzzzz.

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