How did “Objetivo Fama” influence U.S. baby names?

Objetivo Fama, a Puerto Rican TV show that ran for 6 seasons, was a singing talent contest similar to American Idol.

I’ve found a bunch of baby names that were inspired by Objetivo Fama in the U.S. baby name data. Por ejemplo

Season 1 (2004)

  • Janayra, from contestant Janayra Reyes. The baby name Janayra debuted in the SSA data in 2004 with 12 baby girls.
  • Kany, from contestant Kany Garcia. She was disqualified from season 1 (due to a car accident) but won “Best New Artist” at the Latin Grammys in 2008. The baby name Kany debuted in 2008 with 7 baby girls.

Season 3 (2006)

  • Elionaid, from contestant Elionaid Iñiguez. The baby name Elionaid debuted in 2006 with 11 baby boys.
  • Jenilca, from contestant Jenilca Giusti. The baby name Janilca debuted in 2006 with 7 baby girls.

Season 4 (2007)

  • Aidsa, from contestant Aidsa Rodríguez. The baby name Aidsa debuted in 2007 in 30 baby girls.

Season 5 (2008)

  • Yaindhi, from contestant Yaindhi Alvarez. The baby name Yaindhi debuted in 2008 with 29 baby girls.
  • Jometh, from contestant Jometh Andujar. The baby name Jometh debuted in 2008 with 23 baby boys.
  • Yerly, from contestant Yerly Burgos. The baby name Yerly debuted in 2008 with 7 baby girls. Not to be confused with Werly. :)

Other names, such as Jayro, were already in the data but given a boost thanks to Objetivo Fama.

Sources: Objetivo Fama – Wikipedia, SSA

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