Texas quintuplets: Will, David, Marcie, Seth, Grace


On August 9, Gavin and Carrie Jones of Duncanville, Texas, welcomed a set of quints — three boys and two girls:

  • Will Edward
  • David Stephen
  • Marcie Jane
  • Seth Jared
  • Grace Elise

Let’s play a game. You’re given a chance to change one of the above names (first + middle combo). Which one do you change, and what do you replace it with?

8 thoughts on “Texas quintuplets: Will, David, Marcie, Seth, Grace

  1. I’d remove David Stephen and replace it with Owen David. David seems to be a more formal first name than the others, and doesn’t really fit stylistically. Owen has the casualness of Will and Seth but the weight to balance out Marcie and David as a middle name complements the other middles nicely.

  2. Well, William for Will would be my first thought. Otherwise it’s a well-balanced, non-gimicky, nice set of names. Marcie also seems a bit quirky with the others, so maybe Hope Janelle or Jane Margaret for Marcie Jane.

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