Name change: Pitbull to Peter

I discovered this doozie of a name the other day: Pitbull Shotgun. It once belonged to a boy in Santa Clara, California. He was born in 1986.

I searched for him online, but didn’t find him. Instead, I found this in a newspaper from early 1991:

name change, pitbull to peter

Among the name change preceedings [sic] listed for Santa Clara, Calif., in July was the petition by a young boy, originally named Pitbull Shotgun Collier, to change his name to Peter Collier.

What are your thoughts on this one?

Source: “‘Guardians’ married for cause, no love.” Daily Idahonian 24 Jan. 1991: 6B.

One thought on “Name change: Pitbull to Peter

  1. Some parents are just ridiculous. I like some word names but Pitbull Shotgun is just completely outrageous to me

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