The gun-inspired baby name Beretta

Speaking of gun names…on September 12, Levi Johnston welcomed his second child.

His first child, with Bristol Palin, was a son named Tripp.

This time around the mom is Sunny Oglesby. The baby is a girl named Breeze Beretta — inspired in part by Italian gun manufacturer Beretta.

Levi and Sunny spent one of their first dates “bear hunting in the woods,” so I guess we shouldn’t be shocked by the gun-inspired baby name. (Especially since they first threatened to use it months ago.)

What are your thoughts on the combo “Breeze Beretta”?

Source: Levi Johnston and Girlfriend Welcome Baby Breeze Beretta

6 thoughts on “The gun-inspired baby name Beretta

  1. Good catch, Julie!

    Very curious indeed. I wonder if usage of the name Beretta will spike this year, thanks to this baby. (Maybe just in the red states?)

    Here’ the SSA’s most recent data on Beretta:

    2011: 6 baby girls named Beretta
    2010: 7 baby girls named Beretta
    2009: 8 baby girls named Beretta
    2008: (fewer than 5)
    2007: 5 baby girls named Beretta

  2. Absolutely love the name:) My daughter’s name is Beretta and she was born in 1994…And at the time my husband was a police officer…so obviously that inspired us to name our first born daughter Beretta.

  3. Just realized that musician Ted Nugent (probably) bestowed a similar baby name. One of his kids is named Rocco Winchester. Given Nugent’s support of gun rights, I’m assuming the middle name Winchester was inspired by the Winchester rifle.

  4. Maria, I love the name as well! Good catch indeed, Julie. Considering I don’t know who Johnston-Oglesby are, don’t follow celebrity babies and that we had the name picked out for our daughter, Beretta Rae Ensign, when we were 20 weeks along… I’m going to come to the conclusion it wasn’t based off someone we don’t know, who had their baby a few days prior to us. :) To give more insight, in case you’re curious, we were wanting a unique name for our daughter and not wanting it to be popular. We purposely searched how common that name was for that reason, as Nancy’s data shows it wasn’t that common. Truthfully, I came across this post almost 1 1/2 years after our daughter was born and just found out from this post, that the above mentioned child had Beretta in their name. That shows you how much I follow celebrities. My hope is that the name remains unpopular. :)

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