Popular baby names in Victoria (Australia), 2013

Victoria’s top baby names of 2013 were announced a few days ago.

According to data from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, the Australian state’s most popular baby names last year were Charlotte and William.

Here are Vic’s top 20 girl names and top 20 boy names of 2013:

Girl NamesBoy Names
1. Charlotte
2. Ava
3. Olivia
4. Mia
5. Emily
6. Sophie
7. Isabella
8. Chloe
9. Ruby
10. Amelia
11. Grace
12. Ella
13. Zoe
14. Matilda
15. Sienna
16. Lily
17. Isla
18. Emma
19. Zara
20. Lucy
1. William
2. Jack
3. Oliver
4. Ethan
5. Thomas
6. James
7. Noah
8. Joshua
9. Lucas
10. Mason
11. Lachlan
12. Xavier
13. Liam
14. Alexander
15. Max
16. Samuel
17. Benjamin
18. Cooper
19. Henry
20. Oscar

The 75,148 babies born in Victoria last year shared a total of 6,932 girl names and 5,965 boy names. Of these, 47 girl names and 67 boy names were registered 100 times or more.

My source also noted that 363 baby boys got the name Jackson, or a variant: Jackson (191 baby boys), Jaxon (140), Jaxson (32).

Here’s the 2012 list, if you’d like to compare. (Olivia and Jack are the former #1 names.)

Source: Charlotte and William top picks for Victorian babies in 2013

9 thoughts on “Popular baby names in Victoria (Australia), 2013

  1. I don’t think you have anything to worry about — it doesn’t seem like Avery is a trendy name down there. The Popular Names Search on the Victoria’s Births, Deaths and Marriages site doesn’t show Avery among the top 100 names of 2012 (either list). They haven’t put the 2013 names up yet.

  2. Far to many Avery’s. Hopefully, a new trend will develop. It reminds me of Jennifer and Brittany from the 70s and 80s.

  3. @skisso I have a 20 year old son named Avery who is named after his grandfather and godfather. The name has become too trendy for girls. We hear it everywhere and would be okay with it if so many of the parents of girls named Avery did not feel it necessary to insist it is a girls name only and belittle boys who have that name. We are hoping the trend of naming girls tapers off soon! It is bound to since most of the trendy names seem to have a peak and then disappear. Far too many Averys out there – at least when it comes to girls. What used to be a seldom heard name now appears several times in kindergarten classrooms in the same year!

  4. @Diana: Avery will eventually fade away for girls, and probably end up being used more on boys, although not as much as nowadays. Its hardly a girls name only when its inside the top200 for boys too, give them the facts anyway.

  5. @skizzo Avery is not in the Top 200 in Victoria for boys – it’s never ranked at all as a boy’s name. And this article is about the Victorian data.

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