You can’t sell baby-naming rights on Craigslist

How do I know? Because one family tried, and they were denied.

An anonymous New Jersey couple welcomed their tenth child (ninth baby girl) last week.

The day after she was born, her father put up a Craigslist ad entitled “Baby Girl’s Naming Rights – $20000.” Here’s an excerpt:

We are a Jewish family that just gave birth to our 9th daughter. We would like to sell the opportunity to name our daughter to someone else. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who may not have had children, or someone looking to honor a relative etc. Or even to honor someone’s memory that was killed in the Holocuast.

In an interview with JTA, the father mentioned that his family is Sephardic and “out of relatives to name [children] after.” He also said that he and his wife were hoping for a biblical name.

But the Craigslist ad was soon flagged and taken down.

So the couple ended up choosing a name on their own. They settled on Rina, a Hebrew name meaning “joy.” (What do you think?)

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P.S. You also can’t sell baby naming rights via eBay. A newspaper ad might work, though.

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