The (rhyming) children of Don Ameche

Actor Don Ameche (1908-1993)
Don Ameche

In yesterday’s post about the name Drene, I mentioned actor/entertainer Don Ameche.

Don, born Dominic Felix Amici in 1908, married his wife Honoré in 1932. They had six children:

  • Dominic
  • Ronald
  • Thomas
  • Lawrence
  • Barbara (adopted)
  • Cornelia (adopted)

The kids were known by nicknames, though, and most of those nicknames were perfect rhymes:

  • Donnie
  • Ronnie
  • Tommie
  • Lonnie
  • Bonnie
  • Connie

What do you think about a sibset with rhyming nicknames: yea or nay? (Does it depend upon the size of the sibset?)

Source: Houseman, Victoria. Made in Heaven: The Marriages and Children of Hollywood Stars. Chicago: Bonus Books, 1991.

7 thoughts on “The (rhyming) children of Don Ameche

  1. I actually like it…cutesy when they’re small (or when you want to embarrass them when they’re older) but all the names in full are different and stand on their own. If those were the names on the birth certificate…eh that would be pretty bad.

  2. I think it would make for a lot of confusion. “Donnie, come here. No, not you Tommie, Donnie!”

  3. It did lead to confusion when they were younger, so the sibset assigned new nicknames: Meech, Butch, Slug, Tommy, Bones, and Dee Dee, My mom was Dee Dee.

  4. Oh interesting, thanks for the extra information, Christiana. I wonder where those nicknames came from, some are pretty colorful. :)

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