40 pairs of baby names for girl-boy twins

girl-boy twins

A few weeks ago, The Stir posted a list of 20 pairs of baby names for girl-boy twins.

The problem with their list? Each matchy-matchy name-pair started with the same first letter.

Yes, most parents gravitate toward patterns when it comes to naming twins.

But should they?

If you’re in the “no” camp, here’s an alternative list. I’ve separated the pairings and given each of the 40 names a new, non-matchy partner — different first letter, different ending, different number of syllables.

Original pairing1st new pairing2nd new pairing 
Hazel & Hugo
Emma & Evan
Madison & Mason
Taylor & Tyler
Vivienne & Val
Ava & Alexander
Chloe & Caleb
Sophia & Samuel
Eva & Ethan
Penelope & Pax
Savannah & Sebastian
Lily & Luke
Dylan & Dean
Naomi & Noah
Imogen & Isaac
Juliette & James
Christina & Christian
Grace & Gavin
Avery & Aiden
Claire & Clive
Hazel & Benjamin
Emma & Charles
Madison & Liam
Taylor & Grant
Vivienne & Phillip
Ava & Carl
Chloe & Gabriel
Sophia & Owen
Eva & Jack
Penelope & Duncan
Savannah & Zane
Lily & Cash
Dylan & Matthias
Naomi & Joseph
Imogen & Grey
Juliette & Simon
Christina & Thomas
Grace & Dominic
Avery & Beau
Claire & Julian
Hugo & Adelaide
Evan & Sabrina
Mason & Aria
Tyler & Addison
Val & Edie
Alexander & Daphne
Caleb & Lydia
Samuel & Hannah
Ethan & Amelia
Pax & Kira
Sebastian & Gemma
Luke & Maya
Dean & Harper
Noah & Abigail
Isaac & Johanna
James & Tabitha
Christian & Veronica
Gavin & Bree
Aiden & Katrina
Clive & Odette

What are your favorite non-matchy baby names for girl-boy twins?

Source: 20 Pairs of Baby Names for Twins of the Opposite Sex
Image: Adapted from Kinley and Liam Photos (18) by love_K_photo under CC BY 2.0.

8 thoughts on “40 pairs of baby names for girl-boy twins

  1. So so so much better, Nancy! Nice work! I hated that article for the ridiculous matchyness. These are so very nice now!

  2. Goodness those matchy twin names are an eyesore – and it’s not just the initial letter (which I could cope with on a small scale), but the actual sounds are replicated as well, such as Taylor and Tyler,Madison and Mason.

    And some of the twin sets are so odd as well – Claire and CLIVE? Penelope and PAX? It almost seems as if they have matched them at random.

    Hugo and Adelaide is sweet.

  3. Agreed, great job.

    I really like Imogen & Grey as a pair, much more than each name individually.

    Hope this post helps some twins get better names!

  4. I agree, Rachel! Imogen and Grey seem compellingly compatible! It makes me wonder why no one’s used that combo before… some author has got to snatch that up and run with it. Perfection!

  5. Love your choices, and I think they all work so well together. (Ava and Carl is the only one I want to tinker with – only because I don’t see Carl as appealing to someone who likes Ava.)

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