The Dionne quintuplets…and their 9 other siblings

dionne family
Most of the Dionne family

The Dionne quintuplets — the first set of quints known to survive infancy — were born in Ontario, Canada, on May 28, 1934. But identical sisters Yvonne, Annette, Cecile, Emilie and Marie weren’t the only children in the Dionne family. Over the course of 20 years, parents Oliva-Edouard and Elzire Dionne had a total of 14 children — 6 before the quints, 3 after.

Here are the names and birth years of all 14:

  1. Ernest (1926)
  2. Rose (1928)
  3. Therese (1929)
  4. Leo (1930)
  5. Daniel (1932)
  6. Pauline (1933)
  7. * Yvonne (1934)
  8. * Annette (1934)
  9. * Cecile (1934)
  10. * Emilie (1934)
  11. * Marie (1934)
  12. Oliva Jr. (1936)
  13. Victor (1938)
  14. Claude (1946)

Which of these names do you like most?

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12 thoughts on “The Dionne quintuplets…and their 9 other siblings

  1. I really like this sibset too. The only name I’m not too keen about is Oliva, but only because I think it could cause confusion outside of French-speaking areas.

  2. I like Emilie & Claude.

    I’m surprised they waited until their 4th son to use the name Oliva since most Juniors tend to be the first or second son born.

  3. I’m Yvonne I’m a distant relative. My grandmother was also named Yvonne while Yvonne Dionne is my great grandma. So i really love my name

  4. what happen to the dionne children,and where are they today and the photo’s of them.and i like names of the quintuplets.

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