Which Lane sister name do you like best?

The Lane Sisters in the movie "Four Wives" (1939)
The Lane Sisters

The Lane Sisters were a trio of sisters who became famous for their singing and acting during the 1930s and ’40s.

Interestingly, though, their surname wasn’t “Lane.” And there were a total of five of them, not just three.

The Mullican family of Iowa consisted of parents Lorenzo and Cora and their five daughters:

  • Leotabel, or “Leota,” b. 1903
  • Martha, b. 1905
  • Dorothy, or “Lola,” b. 1906
  • Rosemary, b. 1913
  • Priscilla, b. 1915

Four out of the five daughters pursued careers in entertainment. Three out of the four saw success in film. Along the way, they all adopted the simpler surname “Lane.” (Their mother did, too.) And that’s how the final three — Priscilla, Rosemary and Lola — became known as the Lane Sisters.

Which of the five names do you like best? Why?

Source: Lane Sisters – Wikipedia

P.S. Lola Lane, who was one of the actresses who played Torchy Blane, inspired Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel to create the character Lois Lane!

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