Where did the baby name Wrangler come from in 1987?

Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Wrangler

In 1987, the word Wrangler popped up for the very first time in the U.S. baby name data:

  • 1989: unlisted
  • 1988: unlisted
  • 1987: 5 baby boys named Wrangler [debut]
  • 1986: unlisted
  • 1985: unlisted

Where did it come from?

Well, it’s hard to know definitively. At that time there were two products on the market called “Wrangler” — Wrangler Jeans and the Jeep Wrangler. And, as it happens, both types of products have influenced U.S. baby names before. For jeans, you can look at Jordache and Brittania; for cars, you can look at Chevelle and Miata.

My personal opinion?

I think that, while both brands probably had some influence, the Jeep Wrangler is the main reason for the debut.

Why? Because the Jeep Wrangler was introduced in 1986. It’s hard to overlook the correlation between the year the car debuted and the year the name debuted.

If the name had been inspired by the jeans, it should have popped up earlier in the ’80s — back when the designer jeans trend was still going strong.

What’s your opinion on this? And, what are your thoughts on the baby name Wrangler?

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Image: Screenshot of Jeep Wrangler commercial (from 1986)

[Latest update: Apr. 2024]

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