Baby born in Dodge pickup truck, named Dodge (2015)

Hunter Dodge
Hunter Dodge

In late January, Nika Guilbault of Sorrento, British Columbia, gave birth to twins — a girl and a boy — in a Dodge pickup truck while her husband, Chris St. Jean, was driving her to the hospital in Kamloops (about an hour away).

The baby girl was born mid-drive, and the baby boy was born in the hospital’s parking lot.

The girl was named Nevada Sienna, and the boy was named Hunter Dodge — his middle name a tribute to their unusual birthplace.

Nika and Chris (and their 2-year-old daughter, Zyla) are currently being featured on the third season of Canadian reality TV show Yukon Gold.

Sources: Sorrento mother delivers twins in pickup truck, Nika Guilbault delivers twins in pickup truck en route to hospital (via Appellation Mountain — thanks, Abby!)
Image: © 2015 Paperny Entertainment

P.S. This is the second baby boy I know of who got the middle name Dodge after being born in a Dodge pickup truck.

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