Will any babies be named Quinoa?


BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse is currently hosting a “Be the First to Name Your Baby Quinoa” contest. The first person to name their baby Quinoa between June 22 and September 7 this year will win $10,000 worth of food from the company.

Will anyone take the bait?

My guess on this one is “no.” Mainly because the name Quinoa is just too unusual. But also because — judging by the apparent failure of Domino’s Pizza “Dot/Dorothy” and “Brooklyn” promotions — expectant parents seem to need more of an incentive than “free food” when it comes to contests like these. (Which is a good thing.)

Do you think we’ll be seeing any babies named Quinoa thanks to this contest?

Source: Baby Quinoa | BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

Image: Red quinoa by blairingmedia under CC BY-SA 3.0.

3 thoughts on “Will any babies be named Quinoa?

  1. But first you have to know how to actually pronounce the name… In my country that seems to be KEEN-wah. I suspect that doesn’t work with either Quinn or Noa, but I’d be interested to hear your comments.

  2. I’ve seen several people throw out the “Quinn” idea on social media too. I’m not so sure about it…like Pernille said, it just doesn’t match up to the pronunciation. I could more easily see “Quín” (the nickname for Joaquín) working for Quinoa.

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