Baby born to Kodaline fans, named Kodie

Richie, Liz, and Kodaline (in 2015)
Richie, Liz, and Kodaline

Richie and Liz are big fans of the Irish alternative rock band Kodaline.

The couple first met at a Kodaline concert, in fact.

In late 2014, they welcomed a baby boy. His name? Kodie, after the band.

And, in April of 2015, when Richie proposed to Liz in a London pub, the band showed up to serenade them.

The band, originally called “21 Demands,” re-named themselves in 2012. They chose the made-up name “Kodaline” largely because it was still available on all the major social media platforms.

Here’s what the band’s drummer, Vinny May, had to say in 2020 about babies being named after the band:

I think there’s two babies. One is called ‘Kodaline’ and one is called ‘Koda’. That’s pretty amazing to have people named after us!

(I’m not sure which of these, if either, refers to baby Kodie.)


Image: Screenshot of Kodaline video

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