Baby born outside mall, named after mall

In September of 2015, a baby boy was born at the entrance to the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall in Malaysia. It was the first-ever birth to occur at the mall, which has been open since 1997.

A month later, at the baby’s full moon celebration — which was sponsored by Sunway and “held at Capriciossa Restaurant, the outlet closest to the walkway where his mother went into labor and gave birth” — the parents announced that the baby’s name would be Kee Sun Way.

Kee Foo Ming, the baby’s father, had considered other names, but said that “the name Kee Sun Way stuck in my head. It means ‘double excellency’ in Chinese.”

Source: Louis, Lavinia. “Sunway Pyramid baby named after mall.” Malay Mail Online 25 Oct. 2015.

Image: Adapted from Sunway Pyramid front by Cmglee under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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