The 4 children of Gavin Newsom

California politician Gavin Newsom — who has served as mayor of San Francisco (2004-2011), lieutenant governor of California (2011–2019), and governor of California (since 2019) — has four children with his wife Jennifer.

Their first baby, a girl born in 2009, was named Montana Tessa — Montana after the state in which they got married, and Tessa after Gavin’s late mother.

Their second, a boy born in 2011, was named Hunter — which was simply Jennifer’s favorite boy name.

Their third, a girl born in 2013, was named Brooklynn Stacia — “Brook-” after Jennifer’s sister Brooke, “-lynn” from Jennifer’s middle name Lynn, and Stacia after Jennifer’s late sister Stacia.

And their fourth, a boy born in early 2016, was named Dutch William — Dutch after the town of Dutch Flat, “where Newsom spent much of his childhood at his father’s home,” and William after Gavin’s father.


[Latest update: Nov. 2023]

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