Five-name Friday: Girl name between “cute” and “mature”

Welcome to Five Name Friday! Here’s today’s baby name request:

I’ve always loved cute names like Elsie, Ellie and Nellie, but DH says these sound like farm animal names and wants something more mature for our daughter. Our last name starts with A so we prefer names that do not end with A, but we’re open to good ones.

Can you come up with five great baby name suggestions for this person?

Here are the rules:

  • Be independent. Decide on your five names before looking at anybody else’s five names.
  • Be sincere. Would you honestly suggest your five names to somebody in real life?
  • Five names only please! All names beyond the first five in your comment will be deleted.

Which five baby names are you going to suggest?

30 thoughts on “Five-name Friday: Girl name between “cute” and “mature”

  1. Maxine “Maxie”
    Fiona “Fifi”
    Emmeline “Emmie”
    Lucille “Lulu”
    Francine “Franny”

  2. Sylvie
    All are actual names (French) so not nickname-y but still have the same sound :)

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